I Must Return To Earth One Day

There will be lots of changes

A conversation with Lilly. Recorded in the Circle.

Hellos everybodys

I wanted to come because I wants to tells you all that there will be the changes in the Circle. I have said this before, I knows, but there will be somebody else comings into the Circle and it will be good for the Circle and it will be good for all of yous.

We's sorry that the little one's a bit uncomfortable as she's got the, what you calls it, the rheumatism, but there's not many people in your country that do not have the rheumatism; it's because of your weather. It's not like it was when I was on the earth plane because where I was, oh, the summers they were very, very hot and the winters, they were not cold, but they was miserable. Sometimes, when I was on the earth plane, I was happy and sometimes I was not happy. There was lots and lots of, what you calls it, the fevers in the places where I lived because they was not like your modern places todays, there was lots of the poor people that not gets enough to eat and there was lots of the children that died when they were very little; they's not got the chance to grows up.

Sometimes I thinks back to when I was on the earth plane and then I thinks it will be different the next time I comes to the Earth. I's got to comes again but it will not be for a long time yet but, when I comes to the Earth next, I will be coming into your country and that's why I comes at the present time to your Circle.

I contact yous when you's in your homes and I knows the ways that you lives so it will not be strange to me when I comes back to the earth plane. It seems very funny but I just knows that there will be the time when I says good-bye to the Spirit World and comes back to the Earth.

There will be lots of changes by that time; some of them will be the good and some of them will not be so good, but there will be much more understanding between the peoples on the earth plane and the Spirit World because we's going to get much closer to yous. Before then there will be lots of the troubles.

We tells you that there will be lots of the troubles on the earth plane, you's beginnings to sees it now, isn't you? We's glad that you sends out your love to the peoples that's facing the difficulties, but that's one of the things that they comes to the earth plane for; they's not knows it cause there's lots of the peoples that comes over in the troubles, in the floods and the earthquakes and the starvation, they's not knows why, but when they comes to the Spirit World then they gradually comes to knows the reason why. That's what everybody wants to know, they always say "why me?", "why's it happening?", "why doesn't it happen to somebody else?" and "why does somebody else have lots of things and I has nothing?". That's the things that they's got to learns to overcome because everybody who comes to the earth plane comes to the place that they has chosen and to the circumstances that they's laid out for themselves, you knows this? (Yes) Cause that's, what you calls him, Brother Bernard, that's what he is saying in his talks. He's always saying that you comes into the circumstances that's going to help you in the Spirit; you not knows why, cause when you comes to the earth plane you forgets what you's been doing and what you's been learning before you was born.

It is when you comes to the Spirit World that you will begin to see the whole of the pattern, not just the little bits that's with you at the present time, but the whole of the pattern from when you became, oh, I not knows how to puts it, but it was when all the things that makes up yous comes together to be an individual, because before, then you were just little bits, and the little bits they's got to comes together, that's what you calls the evolution and it's been happening ever since your world was started, ever since life first started on your world.

You thinks that your worlds very old and you thinks that your universe is very old but I's beginning to learns that the things that you thinks is very, very old they's very new, they's very, very young. There's lots of things happening in your, what you calls it, your universe that's happening long, long before your world came into being. There's the other worlds all over the, oh, I's not knows how to puts it, the skies, no, it's more than the skys, it's the space, there's lots of other worlds and there's lots of different forms of life that's showing themselves on the other worlds. Some of them are like you, but most of them are quite different.

Ha ha, we watches sometimes your television programs and we sees what your peoples are imagining. Some of the imaginings they's very good because there's other worlds with the peoples, if you calls them the peoples, like your, oh I knows not the words for it, but the peoples that makes the films, it's like what they imagine. It's not really imagination it's, oh, a recalling of what they has learned from the Spirit World. You knows that you goes to the Spirit World when you's asleep, cause you calls it the sleep state, and sometimes you brings back the little memories and sometimes you brings back the nasty memories, and sometimes, when you's coming into the body from the sleep state, you gets all the things mix- muddled up, then you finds that there will be what you calls a nightmare.

It's a funny word but we's trying to puts it, as we knows that it's not real, it's the experiences you have had in the Spirit World and it's like your brain trying to make sense of what you's been doing in the Spirit World.

That's why you gets what you calls dreams, sometimes they's good dreams, sometimes they's very, very true dreams, they's experiences that you's been having in the Spirit World. Some peoples on your earth plane, they's able to bring back the sleep state memories that's very good, but mostly when you's in the body of the matter it's too heavy and you cannot bring back the Spirit memories, you follow? (Yes)

I's trying to give what you calls a scientific lecture. Ha, ha. It's what my Medi sometimes thinks about but she does not know where she gets the ideas from but we could tell her because she gets the ideas from the Spirit World. Sometimes they's good ideas but sometimes she will not take them and she pushes them away, but we wants you to knows that while you's on the earth plane you's got the spirit inside you and that spirit has all the memories of all your lives on the earth plane and the lives that you has before you comes to the Earth, so you just remember that and don't be surprised at anything that happens in your life because there's the things that you's got to do's in order to grows, you follow? (Yes we do)

Ho, ho. I's giving quite a lecture, there will be the things that we says and sometimes we gives what you calls prophesies and then they does not comes out as we says. That will be because we's able to see the direction that the things are going, but we cannot tells you that it will happen exactly as we says because there's always the free will of the men and there's the free will of the elements and sometimes, the patterns that we sees, it gets stopped. Sometimes it gets twisted round and goes in a different direction to the one that we sees it going in and then you knows that what we has said it will not comes true, but most of the time we tries to give you the help and we tries to give you encouragement and we always gives you our loves, cause that's what you gets from the Spirit World, not just from me, but from all the others that comes into your Circle. They comes in, many, many that you's no ideas of, but they looks forward to your Circle and they's very, very happy to come.

We just wants to says to the lady and the gentleman, no, two gentlemen, that's not looking forward to when they gets up on the platform, that it will be very, very good, cause we will be there and we will be helping you. (Thank you, says Brian) You will be surprised at how well you can do it. You will feel that there's lots of love coming to you, not just from the Spirit World, but from the peoples that's sitting in the Church and they's all trying to help you. So do not be afraid, go forward for there is the work for you to do. We tells you that again and again that you's got the works to do and we looks forwards to when you do's it. Then we's able to say "we told you so" that's one of the things that we wanted to let you know that we will be there and we will give you all the help that we can.

Oh, I think I's talked long enough. I give the little girl (Mary) my love and I tells he that she will be getting the better but she's got to be patient and she's got to try to put up with the, what you calls it, the restrictions. We knows that she does not like that because she always wants to be doing the things, but sometimes you's got to sit back and let other peoples do the things instead of you, we knows it's difficult but that's what we tells you, that you's got to learn to try to do.

For the other lady (Margaret), we just wants to says that you's beginning to get sense now, you's beginning to sits back and lets the others carry on and you's got to learn to do's that and we knows that you's beginnings to learn it and we wants you to knows thats we's helping all that we can with the little boys (Margaret and her husband run a school for boys), and the bigger boys too. (teachers) Sometimes they gives the troubles more than the little ones, but we knows that there will be lots of love coming to all of you from us in the Spirit World.

Now I think I had better go, so I will say good nights to yous all and God bless you. God bless all the peoples that you love and God bless all the peoples that you do not love and God bless your World and we looks forward to its beginning to move into the light instead of the dark.

We will leave that with you so we says goodnights, God bless you...

I likes that. God bless you..

Lilly referred to the Fledgling evening that Paula, Brian and myself (John) gave in the
Oxford Church at Summertown on September the 10th, 1988.