The Sky at Night

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle

Oh, it's been a dark journey tonight; not easy. (Long pause) I's not properly through. (Another long pause.) Ha, now I knows what I wants to say. First of all I wants to says hello to the new lady and to say that I's very, very pleased that you's come to the Circle and I hope that you will be happy here and that you will be able to, what you calls it, develop, and that you will be able to use what you got (thank you) that's one of the things.

For the other lady, I wants to says I's very glad that you comes along once again. I know that you will not be the, what you calls it, the regular member of the Circle but when you's able to comes we's very, very pleased cause you will give the healing power, and that's very important cause there's quite a lots of the illness, and the peoples feeling, what you calls it, under the weather. That's a funny phrase, sounds as though you's out in the rain or, what you calls it, a thunder storm; under the weather, humph. I picks up the things out of my Medi's mind and then I has to try and make them, ooh, I has to try to understand what the things means, sometimes its easy and sometimes I finds it more difficult. Sometimes I gets the things on the wrong, what you calls it, the wrong lines and theys not comes out as I thinks they ought to; but that's one of the things that I got to learns. It's funny really cause though I's been on the other side long, long times and I's been with my Medi quite a long times, not the same long times, it's a long time since I was on the earth plane, that's a very, very long time, but the times that I's been with the Medi for, ooh, quite a few of your earth years, I still finds thats there's lots of things that I's got to learns and that's why I comes to the Medi.

When I comes to the Medi then I comes backs as I was when I was a little girl on the earth plane, but I's, what you calls it, making progress in the Spirit and there will be the times comings, I knows, when I will have to comes backs to the earth plane, but not just yet awhile, that will be in the future.

There's the funny things happenings in your world at the present time, isn't there? When we comes to the earth plane we sees all the lights and we sees all the darknesses and sometimes the lights they's shine extra bright, that's when there's more peoples on your earth plane that's sending out the good thoughts and that's praying together, that's when they will make the lights, but sometimes when there's, oh, what you calls it, the bad news on the earth plane all your people they gets very, very sads, and then your earth plane seems to be very, very dark. So we always wants you to look on the, what you calls it, on the bright side, and then you will make the lights, and the lights go out into the Spirit World.

Sometimes we comes and looks at the earth plane and we sees all the little pinpricks of lights and they just like when you looks in the dark night and you looks up at the skys and sees all the stars, well, that's what we do sometimes, we looks down on the earth plane and it's just like you looking up at the skys and seeing the stars, we looks down at the earth plane and we sees the Circles, we sees the Churches and we sees all the people that's praying and, what you calls it, worshipping in the different ways, and they all makes the lights, and then we's able to put all the lights together and they will make one big light. That's one of the things that happens when we comes to the earth plane but, sometimes, oh, we feels very, very sad when we sees all the darkness and we comes and we wants you all to be happy because you comes to the earth plane and you do comes to get the, oh, the trials and the tribulations but you also comes to get the happiness and to make other people happy. That's one of the things that we wants you always to do, so we says to yous that you's got to be happy, you's got to makes the best of the things as they comes along and you's got to look forward to when there will be very much better conditions upon the earth plane, they will come and that's what we wants to tell you.

We always says that, that there will be the better times and one day you will know that that will be true.

Oh, I's giving a little sermon, I's giving you the advice to be happy and to smile and when you see's the people in the earth plane that looks a bit sad you smile and when you feels down in the dumps you still smile because that will makes the things better, so that's what we says to yous.

They tells me that I's got to go now so I will say goodnights to you all and God bless you all and God bless all the peoples that you loves and God bless all the peoples that you don't love and God bless all the peoples of your earth plane and of all the other planes that there is, both in the world of matter and in the spirit, because there's lots and lots of different things, different planes in the worlds, both in the worlds of matter and in the worlds of spirit.

So goodnight to yous all.