Only Fight The Things Of Nature

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle

Hellos everybody.

It's nice to come into the Circle again and says hellos to yous all, and we says hellos to the lady, we do not know you very well, but we's been watching and we's very pleased that yous come into the Circle. We knows that the others, they's not here, but they's thinking about us, and so I's been sending them a thought as well. Paula and Brian, they will be going across the water in the, what you calls it, the airyplane?

They was not around when I was on the earth plane but they was beginning to thinks about them thens and now you, what you calls it, you takes them all for granted, they's the things that sometimes, oh, they makes a big bang and then they makes a big noise and you do not like that big noise but that's one of the things that they will have to alter in the future and they's going to learns how to make it very much quieter.

There will be lots of things that they will be doings in the next few years and you's beginnings to sees that there will be the changes comings. We told you that there would be the changes and you's beginnings to see them, but there's still the places on the earth plane that's very, very dark and very, very bad, and they's got to alter; they's got to learns that they's got to looks after their peoples, they's not got to think quite so much about making provision for themselves but they's got to thinks about the peoples and there will be the beginnings of the, what you calls it, the social system.Oh, I not knows that!

In the places that's very very darks at the moment, there will be the beginnings of the light comings there and they will begins to settle down and they's got to learns that there's no need to do all the wicked things that they do at the moment. There will be the, oh, I not knows all that, (more telling) there will be the consultation and the peoples will begins to understand that they will be able to have the things they wants without all the fighting.

We do not like to see all the fighting on the earth plane. There will be enoughs to do with, what you calls it, fighting the things of nature, and theys will be the things that they's got to fights; not with each other, but with the things that happens in the world. The things like the, what you calls it, the earthquakes and the volcanos.

I used to live near a volcano. I used to lie in my bed and I used to watch it. Sometimes I would see the sparks comings out of the top and I thought it was very, very 'citing, but I did not realise that it was, what you calls it, dangerous. That was one of the things that I learns as I began to learn about the world and the other things that there was, but before I could learn very much on the earth plane then it was the time for me to come to the spirit world. Now I's in the Spirit World I learns lots and lots, and I learns all 'bout the things that's happening on the earth plane and the things that's happening in the other worlds and, oh, I's got lots and lots to learns. I likes the learning because, when I was on the earth plane, there was no schools likes you has in your country, there was only the things that the peoples could affords to pay and we was very, very poor so we could not go to the school.

Oh, I's remembering, ha ha, that was funny when I was on the earth plane, I's used to go and watch all the peoples that's got the money and I used to looks at them all and I used to thinks to myself you's not happy and they was not happy, they looked all miserable, cause there was lots of love where I was born and in the, what you calls it, the slums, that's a funny word, but we was very very poor, we had a job to manage, but we always had the loves in our house. That's one of the things that I remember.

Now I's in the Spirit World I looks down on the earth plane and I sees that there will be, oh, some of the things that's beginnings to happens that we told you about when we first comes into your Circle. Oh, I's falling over my words. Sometimes I finds it difficult to say because I has to use the words that's in the Medis mind and I has to puts them into the words because we do not speaks like you speaks when we's in the Spirit World. We's no need to speak, we just thinks and the thinks, they goes out and they registers with the other peoples that we's thinking about, you follow? There will be's, oh, what was it I was going to says to yous. Oh, it's difficult to remember what it was, it's like, oh, it's like coming into the fog and we knows we's got to sees things but we can't sees them because there's all the fog around, the mist, and they's all blurred and different from what we sees them when we's in the Spirit World, you follow?

We's likes coming into your Circle and we likes talking to yous and we likes seeing all the little children that comes to your Circle, cause you's always got the little childrens there, and you's gots your friends, the animals, and you's got what you calls the wild animals only they's not wild anymore. Theys comes because they knows that you loves them and they loves you, so that's why they comes to the Circle. Sometimes you sees them and sometimes you don'ts, but they's always there.

We knows when we looks into your minds, we knows you wonders how they can all cram into the little room, but of course your little room is not a little room in Spirit, it just goes on and on and in Spirit, the peoples and the animals and the things that are in Spirit they sees the things quite clearly even though they's a long long ways away, and they hears the things that's being said even though, from the Earth's point of view, they's not near enough to hear, you follow? Oh, I's giving a little sermon, that's a funny thing but that's what I likes. Sometimes they lets me just talks and sometimes they lets me say things, there's a difference you know. There's a difference between saying things and talking, sometimes you talks and sometimes you says things, but they's all part of the life on the earth plane.

When you comes to Spirit you will find it very very different there, not at the beginning, because when you comes to the Spirit World at the beginning you's still dependant upon your body senses, but, gradually, you finds that you can leave them behind because you can communicate with the senses of the Spirit, not the senses of the body.

Ha ha, that's what we tells you, and they wants to tells you that you will meet and know your animals when you gets to the Spirit World and they will know you and you will be ables to communicate with them in the proper way and, oh, I not knows, they says something about the time, time does not exist, that sounds funny, but theres will be the, oh, you's got a hymn, thousand ages in your sight are like an evening gone, ha, I remembers that, yes, I heard that in the Sunday schools after I left the earth plane and when I first came to your Spirit World, no, that's wrong, when I first came to the, in the earth plane after I left it, that sounds funny, but I came to different places and I heard that being sung, I knows I did, I don't forget. Ha, in time it just gets mix-muddled-up, I get mix-muddled-up. There will be the time when I will knows every.., no, I's never knows everything, but I will knows a lot more than I do at the present moment.

So, oh, they tells me I's got to go now, I's not said very much. So, anyway, I must go so I will says goodnights to yous and God bless you all and I say God bless your animals and God bless your Bill, (a cat) I likes him, he was very very naughty, but he's much better now. You's given him the love and you must not.., they says you's got to remember that he is a pussy cat and he has got the instincts of the pussy. So you mustn't get cross with him cause he uses his instincts, you follow? So, any rate, we's very very pleased.

So we says goodnights and God bless you all, and God bless the lady that just comes and we will be with you when you has the big upheaval, you will gets the help from Spirit to cope. So we gives our loves to Brian and Paula (they are no longer coming to the circle as they are going to America) and we gives our loves to yous alls.

Goodnight and God bless you.