Everything In Moderation

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 5th December, 1990

Hello everybodys.

I thought I would just come just to says a good hellos to yous and to let you know that I's nots gone very far away although I's not been able to come through my Medi for a long, long time. (Lucy had been ill for a year) It's nice to be back in your Circle again and we's glad to see the lady (Kathy) coming up again bringing the healing power with her. We's very pleased that you's all feeling so much better. There's been lots of what you calls the illness hasn't there? But it's, what you calls it, on the mend. Yes, that's the words that I wants to says, on the mend.

Oh! We not knows what we's got to says now cause there's lots of the things... (Lillie seemed rather puzzled)

Ha, ha. It's coming up to what you calls it, the Christmas, and there will be the things that will make you very, very pleased. We know that there's lots of things in your lives that are not very nice but when you looks you will find that there's lots of little things that will give you very great pleasure.

We wants to tells you that we's sending our loves out to all the little animals on the earth plane and to the little birds and to the little, what you calls them, the farm animals. There's lots of those that's having the troubles on the earth plane but the gentlemen that looks after the animals, they's got to remember that they's got to be extra careful with, what you calls it, the hygiene cause there's lots of things on your earth plane that some of the people that's been trying to makes lots of money, that they's not good for the animals, and they's not good for the peoples as well. Now they's just beginning to realise that's some of the things thats they's been doing, they's not good at all. They's got to learns to look at the whole of the world and realise that they don't know very much.

They don't know lots of things that they's trying to introduce into your world; they not knows the effects of them. Then they gets the, what you calls it, the plagues and the troubles. But that's not news, that happens over and over again in your, what you calls it, the history of your world and that's the things that we wants to tries to tells you; thats you's got to be very, very careful with all the new things that's they's discovering cause they finds out this thing and, what you calls it, that thing and the other, that they's not good for yous. They tells you, Oh, you's not got to eat this and you must not eats that and you gets all mix muddled up in your minds and you not knows exactly what it is. Well, what we wants to tells you is that you's got to be careful and you's got to do everything, and takes everything in, what you calls it, moderation. That's the things. If you's takes the things in moderation then you will not finds that they will hurts you.

We tries to tell this to all the peoples on the earth plane, not just to your little circle, but to all the other peoples. We keeps on trying cause there's lots and lots of the peoples from the Spirit World, they's trying to makes the peoples, the scientists, realise what they's doing. We tells you that there will be the revelation and that will be very, very good for you, so you wait and you will see thats it will be comings the next year.

I's not knows the things.. No... Oh! (Lillie sounded very uncertain) I not knows... My Medi, she stops me from saying the things I want's to says and it's, Oh, it would be much easier if she was not here at all (Lucy is aware of what Lillie is saying) and I was able to just speak what I wants to says. I gets the things they (Lucy's other guides) tells me to says and then, my Medi, she stops me. That's the things that I not likes, it's one of the things that I's got to tries to do; I's got to tries to makes her say the things that I wants, not what she wants.

They tells me that I's got to stop now cause I's made what you calls it, a breakthrough, coming along to speak to yous todays. I says that's funny, I wants to says tonights cause I's used to saying tonight. I used to say goodnights when I goes but they tells me it's not nights. I not knows.. The earth plane; when we comes to it it's very, very dark, and we goes down the little opening and there will be the little beam of light and that's what we's trying to aims for; but it's black all round. We wants to tells you that there's lots of lights in your world and we wants to speaks to all the lights and we wants to makes all the lights go into one big light and then it will spread. There's lots of things that the lights wants to show; and it will. We will make sure that it will. That the light will fill the world and that there will be much more love in the world. That's the most important thing. We knows that, and that's the loves that we brings to yous. We wants you to brings it to the other people.

So now I must goes. I not say goodnights, as they tells me it's not nights, but I says good-bye and God bless you all.

Lilly was a regular speaker at the Circle which had been held at the same venue in the evening. This small group meets during an afternoon. She did not seem very aware of the time difference probably due to the fact that there is no time in Spirit. J.H.H.