People Need The Opportuniites

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during March 1991

Oh! It seems funny coming into your Circle once again. I likes it cause I likes coming and saying hellos to you all.

I come when there has been lots of changes in your world and some of them have been good and some of them have been not quite so good. But we has told you before that there was going to be lots of the changes and we says that you's just got to do the best that you cans because you cannot alter the things that's happening in your world just on your own. You's got to send out your thoughts, trying to bring about the change in the peoples, cause all the things that happens in your world they happens because of the peoples, and the bad things that comes along, they comes along when it starts in one person. That's the most important thing for you to remember, that there was one person with one thought, and that thought was passed on to the other peoples, and that thought makes all the thoughts the same. You follow? I's not putting it very wells but that's what I wants to lets yous knows. And if the one bad thought can make lots of the badness in the world, then one good thought should be ables to do the same thing with the goodness, with the better things that there are.

Oh!'s..I's trying to make you realise that you's got the parts to play in your lives in the things that you comes up against; the difficulties and the happinesses that you has in your lives; all the things. They's little things in themselves, but when they all goes together then they make the big things, and if you can keep the smile on your face; if you can the give the good words, the kind thoughts; if you can give the happiness to the peoples that's around you then they will pass on the happiness to the other people and it will spread.

There's been lots of things happening in your world, we knows, and we tries to do our best to makes it not so bad for yous, but it was one of the things that was intended. There will be the good that will come out of it, even though there will be the bads that's still there. There will be the, oh, the changes taking place in the other parts of the world that will brings about the better state of affairs, and it will be because peoples beginning to understand that what happens to one peoples, it happens to all the peoples.

There cannot be the, what you say, the troubles with the one nation that keeps the troubles to themselves. The troubles, they spreads and affects all the peoples, and all the different countries, but, out of the troubles, there will comes a better state of affairs and there will be the better, Oh!, I not knows how to puts it, but there will be the better understanding.

We sees that there will still be the darkness in places of your world. We cannot alter that completely, but we does our best, and we wants you to does your best. If you sends out your thoughts that the peoples that's, ooh, they thinks that they's got the only truth, and they do not realise that the other peoples, they's got the different truths, and all the different truths, they all goes to makes up the one, oh, the one Big Truths. He, he, I's trying to puts it into words.

I knows what I wants but it's difficult to put it into the words that you will understand. But it's like all the colours! They's all separate, but when theys all goes together they makes up the white. You follows? And when there's no colours at all, then they makes up the black, and it will alls be the dark. Your world will not be all the black, there will always be the different colours; and the colours will be used to makes up the white. That's what we wants to says.

You's been thinking about the peoples that's, ooh, on the, what you calls it, the third world that not had the things that yous has in your world; in your parts of the world. But it will be important that yous all gets to knows abouts it. That's one thing that there will be; the good in your world when all the peoples knows about the bad; and they will be ables to helps, not just for the moment, but for the future. The peoples in the third world, they's got to gets to the same, what you calls it, the same state of development that's you's gots in your parts of the world.

We sometimes looks at the things that's goings on and we thinks to ourselves, ooh, there will never be any changes in your world because the mans, oh, so selfish. They only thinks about themselves! But that's not altogether true, because there's lots of peoples that gives the thoughts of the prayers, and the help, to the people that hasn't gots it on the other sides of your world. That's the things that we's got to make sure that it will be made known, and that there will be the change in the third world, so that there will not be all the despair and the ignorance; and the peoples that's just comes to the earth plane and then goes aways again straights away.

We, huh, they tells me thats it's, ooh, it's being mixed together; all the goods and the bads. They will makes it so that the goods will gradually alter the bads to makes it all the goods.

Huh, it's funny the way they puts that, but that's what they says, that there will be the goods starting coming through and there will be help for the other nations. You's not got to thinks about the peoples, what you calls it, the Israelis and the Jordans and the Arabs and, oh, the black peoples, the white people and the yellow peoples and the red peoples; they's all just, ooh, they's all just peoples of the earth plane! They's all got to have the same opportunity that you's got in your world.

When they gets the opportunities then they will be able to alter the things that you not likes in your world and there will be the much better place. There will be, oh, they's telling me that there will be the changes comings and most of them will be the good, but there will be one or twos that's will be,, they starts out being good and thens they's altered to being bad. But you's got to continue sending out your love, and your thoughts, and your prayers, that the good will be the, what you calls it, the victor,.. the victor. Hu! That's what I wants to tells you.

I's comes into your world, your earth plane, and I finds it very, very dark in places. But thens I sees there is the beginning of the, what you calls it, the spring coming and the flowers beginning to show in your gardens and the trees with all the, what you calls them, the blossom on them, and the birds beginning to sing, and the sun beginning to shine. There will be, ooh, a much, much brighter place comsing along in the next few weeks. So that's what we wants to tells you.

And we wants to tells you, ha, ha, they says you's got to laugh at the things as they comes along and be happy. When you's happy then the peoples rounds yous will be happy as well; and that will be goods. That will be the things thats theys ought to be able to do to brings about the change in your world. You follow?

Oh! I's giving quite a sermon aren't I. That's one of the things thats I comes to does. But I's very, very happy to be with you in your Circle and I brings the little children with me and the animals that you likes as well. We wants to says thank you for the love that you gives to the animals. When I was on the earth plane, we not knows nothing about the animals. We thought they was just, ooh, just a nuisance. It took some time, as you knows the time, for me to get to knows that the animals are just, what you calls them, the lesser brethren. Ha, ha! I picks up the words. I knows some of the words. But anyway, I says thank you very much for the help that you gives to the animals. I knows that if you loves the animals yous loves the peoples as well, because you cannot do the one without the other.

So. Ooh! They tells me I's got to shut up. So I will just says thank you for listening, and I hopes to comes and speaks to yous again a bit later on. So nows I just says God bless you all, and God bless the peoples thats comes to yous from the other side, froms our side, and God bless the peoples that you meets in the ordinary world. We gives them all a blessing. Blessings, that's a funny word if you think of it, blessing, it can mean so much can't it?

Goodnight. Oh! It's not night, it seems funny. Good-byes.


Lilly has a problem remembering that we meet in the afternoon and not the evening as before. She had not spoken for some time as Lucy had been ill. J.H.H.