Perfect Freedom?

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during March, 1991

"Hello Lilly, How are you?" asked John.

"How am I?" said Lilly "I don't know. It's a job; it's a job to come into your Circle." There was a long pause as if Lilly was having trouble linking with Lucy. We waited for her to speak. "The little lady, (Mary) your headache's better isn't it." "Yes" said Mary. "We knows cause we's takens its. So that will be betters nows."

"Huh, I not knows..Ooh..Hu.. It's a job to speak." Another long pause in which Lilly said a few disjointed words. She continued "It's funny, I wanted to come, I wanted to speaks to yous, but now I's gots here I not knows what I was going to say. There's lots of things happenings in your world isn't there?" "Yes" we said. "Not nice things either" said Margaret. "Some of them's not nice." replied Lilly "It's makings the world extra, what you calls it, black! I's not likes that."

"There's been lots of things happenings in your world, we knows that." Margaret said "We send out lots of prayers for help Lilly." Another long pause. "They's telling me I's got to cheers you up." "We can all do with that" agreed Margaret laughing. "We just wants to let you knows that we's knows what's happens in your world and we's trying to do the best we can to make it all rights, but it will not be easy, you knows that. It's, ooh. They say that it would be very, very simple to takes the man (Saddam Hussain) that's doing all the wicked things and takes him on to the Spirit World, but we cannot interfere with the free will of the peoples. You's been talking about the, what you calls it, freedom?" "Yes" "But it's not as simple as that because, if you had the perfect freedom, then somebody else is going to suffer for it. you's got to takes the things as they comes alongs and do the best you can with the circumstances as they arise. We can see some of the things that's going to happen, but they mights be going to happen because [as] you's got the free will you can do the things that will alter the plan. You follow?" "Yes".

"I's not puttings it very well but I's knows what's I wants to says and that is, although the things that's happenings at the moment, they's not nice at all for yous in your world, when the end of it comes there will be the much better atmosphere. You's got to looks out that you do not get somebody else comes and do the same things again cause that's the things that's..Oh..It's because of the circumstances that the mans able to comes and start the things that's happens.

They's telling me that that's whats happened with the first war, and the second war, and the third war (the Faulklands?) and now this war as well. Each time it was because somebody on the earth plane they's got a, what you calls it, ooh, they's telling me inflated ego". We all agreed. "They wants to, ooh, they wants to be the big person and they do not realize that they's go to... what they do on the earth plane, they's got to put rights when they come to the Spirit World and some of them got lots of things to put right when they comes to our side. But it's not just a person, it's the circumstances that's given, ooh, puts the opportunity there and you's got to tries, ooh, we knows you can't do very much as one person but if all the one persons gots together then it will be a great big lots of persons. They's got to see that there will be a better place for everbodys.

It's easy for yous in your, what you calls it, the western world to have the things that you wants. You all has enough to eats, and you all has a place to sleep, and you all has the clothes to wear, and there's not many peoples in your, what you calls it, your place where you lives that's not got anything, but when you goes to the other countries, some of them, there's very, very few peoples that's got what you's gots and, ha, ha, you's got to puts all the things rights in your world and then you will find that the peoples will be rights.

That's one of the things that's we not understand cause we knows that your world is just one school thats you's go to go throughs and all the peoples on the earth plane, they comes from Spirit, they comes into the circumstances that gives them the opportunity to gets what they wants. You follow? I's not putting it very well but I's doing my best to puts into the words the ideas that they gives to me; the big ones. (the other Guides) So that's what we wants to tells you.

We wants to cheers you up. We do not want you to be miserable, it's easy to be miserable and then you makes everybody else miserable but when you's happy, and when you's got the things to laugh at, then all the world will laugh with you. Ha, ha, that's one of the things thats we wants to tells you. They says thats and they's telling me thats there will be the dark before the dawn. Hu.. That's the things that's always said, the dark before the dawn. But you's got to sees that the dawn will be the dawn of a better world. It's still got to have all the difficulties cause you's got to have them because that's what you grows for.

Oh.. We just wants to says to yous that we's very glad that we's able to comes and we gives you all our loves and we tells you that you's had all the little people with you as well, and you's got some of the peoples that comes from the grey places and they's listening to what's been said, and some of the things they laughs at, but some of the things they remembers. That will be helps to them.

You's got to realise that you cannot tells what effects the words that you says has on other people and you's got to knows that you's got to have the faith that what you gives out, some of it will start to grow. So sends out your love and your blessing to all the peoples that's you meets as you goes through your earth plane.

We wants to says to the lady with the healers (Kathy) thats they's going to work with you a bit more than you's been doings. So we passes thats on to you.

Oh, I've got to go now so I will just says God Bless you all and God bless all the peoples that's linked to yous on the earth plane and the peoples that's linked to yous in the Spirit World.

Goodnight and God bless you.