My Medi Saw Me!

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 23rd of July, 1991.

Hellos everybodys.

"I not know why when I comes through my Medi's always got a tickle [in her throat]". Lots of throat clearing. John asked, before Lilly got into her stride, "Did you have a bad throat when you passed into Spirit?" "I had.. I had what you calls a fever, and it was, I not knows cause it's very difficult; it was such a long while ago now". (At the turn of the century we believe) "And that's funny cause the Spirits tells you that there's no such thing as time on our side of life; but I still says it's a long times ago". John said "Well, in our time it was." More throat clearing.

"My Medi saw me!" exclaimed Lilly. "When was that?" asked John. "Just two or three minutes ago and she was a bit surprised because she's got pictures in her mind of me when I was on the Earth plane; she thought I was a pretty little girl with long dark curls, but I wasn't! I had long dark hair but is was all straggly and I have got very dark eyes, almost black, and I was very, very white. I was not, what you calls it, a healthy colour. Ha, ha! She saw me and she was quite surprised but nows, of course, that's all gone and forgotten.

Oh! I's been doing such a lot on the other side. I's been learning the things, and I's been helping in the conditions that I coulds, and I's been helping among the animals and the little babies. And in your world I's been doing what I can to comfort the peoples that's lost all their, what you calls it, their possessions and I's been doing the best I can to cheer thems up and lets them know that it was only the things of the body, it was not the things of the Spirit. I knows that you's been sending out your thoughts to the peoples that's in the troubles at the present time and there's lots of thoughts wanted, there's lots of help wanted and there's lots of love wanted by the peoples that's been suffering.

You's been having such a lots of troubles in your world, we knows, and the things, they's, what you calls, in the scheme of things. There still will be the, oh, what you calls it, the calamities to come but there will be the things that's necessary for your world to go foreword, you knows that; so we just added that. We just thinks we likes your prayers (it was Margarets turn today) cause we likes you sending out your loves to the other peoples and that was what the, the Daisey said (a communicator who links with Mary) that's you's got to be happys and that's what you's got to do. Being happy doesn't means that you doesn't cares about the other people, but it means that you's got to sees what you's got and makes the best of it, because the things that you's got, they's the things that will give you the happiness. There will, oh,, I not knows.. They's (those with her on her side) laughing. They wants me to tells you that you's got to laugh and you's got to try to keep your thoughts on as high a level as you can; not so high as, what you calls it, when the people has the drugs, but the highs when you's happy in yourself, in your Spirit; then you sends out that happiness to the other peoples.

I's seeing all the beautiful flowers and I wants to show you the flowers that there are on the "other side" cause they's something like your flowers on the earth plane but they's very much brighter and much,, oh, they has the music with them. When you goes into the garden you sits there and you listens to the birds, and you hears the buzzing of the bees, and you sees the flies and so on, but you do not hear the music that the flowers make. But, when you comes to the Spirit World, you will hear the music as well. It is not a loud music, but it is just nice so that it, oh, it gives you a nice feeling. That's one of the things that you's going to look forward to when you comes to, what you calls, the "other side of life".

They wants me to says somethings abouts that but I finds it difficult. I's got to get the words from my Medi's mind and puts into the thoughts cause, when you's in the Spirit World you do not use the language, you use the thoughts, and the thoughts, they goes out, and they's all mingled together and you's able to communicate with the other Spirits without any words. But when we comes into the earth plane we has to put our thoughts into words and that's more difficult.

They's telling me that there will be the changes in your world. But we wants you to knows that there is the hope that there will be the better times comings in your world because your peoples are beginning to understand the links with the Animal Kingdom and with the whole world of nature. We know because the Brother (Brother Bernard) has said many, many times that there is the Spirit in everything on your earth plane that has life; it is all the Spirit put into the matter. I's finding it a bit difficult cause my Medi has been reading lots of the deep books (I lent her some of the Seth books through Jane Roberts) and some of the things that she's been reading she's not able to understand. But the idea's going round in her mind and that's what I picks up sometimes. But I's not comes to gives yous, what you calls it, the philosophy, I just comes in order to give you a bit of comfort and a bit of the lifting up. That's why they wants me to comes as I was when I left the earth plane and that's how my Medi saw me. She had quite a shock! Ha, ha. It was not likes she imagines me, but the real me.

Nows all the Earth things, they's all left behind, and, although I comes and gets into the Earth's conditions, gets into the Earth's body, yet really I's quite different from that.

There will be the changes, we's told you that, and you's grumblings about the weather. But you needs the rain, you knows that, and the water people, they will be very, very pleased that there will be the lots and lots of the rain but the people, what you calls it, going on holiday, they's not likes too much of the rain, but there will be the sunshine as well; there will be, what you calls it, the mixture; the things that yous likes and the things that you do not like, but they all go together to make up the atmosphere of the earth plane.

We wants to says to yous that, because the peoples on the earth plane, they's beginning to look to the Spirit, so they will begins to brings about a better state of affairs. But it will not be easy and it will not happen all at once. There will be a long period when they will be making, oh, very slow progress; but you's got to send out all your thoughts to all those people who do see the Spirit in the world of nature and, by seeing the Spirit in that world, they will begins to do things as they should be done. There will be lots of changes in your world; some of them will be goods but some of them will not be so good, but they's all a part of the progress of your earth plane. Hey! I thought that sounds all right.

Nows I just wants to says I's very, very pleased to be in your Circle once again. I's not been for some little while (Lucy had been ill for some while) but I's hopings to comes again and to gives you my love and the love that comes from the Spirit World to all of you. We just wants to says that we knows some of the things that's making you sad at the present time and we's trying to alter the things and to make them better; but all you can do is to do what you can with what you's got, and with the circumstances that comes for each one of you.

So I will leave you now and will just say God bless each one of you and God bless the peoples that you loves and God bless the people that you don't love and God bless the peoples all over your world who are in trouble at the present time.

So I says good-bye; God bless you.