Send Them the Colours

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 1st of October, 1991.

Hellos everybodys.

It's nice to come into the Circle again and speaks to yous all.

We comes though the, what you calls it, the veil and we comes into the Circle and sees you and says how do you does, we knows. We wants to send our thoughts to the lady that was here the last time that I came, Kathy, she needs a bit of help. We wants to sends her our loves and tells her that's we's doing our best to put the things straight; they's a bit crooked at the moment. They will become straight and then we will be happy again.

We wants to, oh, we's got lots of peoples to say hallos to. We wants to say that we's very, very pleased because you's beginning to get the improvement in the health condition (talking to Margaret) and we know's it is very difficult for you to do the things when you's got all the aches and pains but they's beginning to goes; that's what we wants to tells you.

We wants to tell the little lady (Mary) that we's trying to help with the condition of the gentleman. We knows that it makes him very cross and we knows that there's been the, what you calls it, the prickles in the home so we's trying to help in the condition. There's so many things that's in your world that's wrong and they's got to be put rights but it's very difficult for you to put them rights and it's even more difficult for us to get close enough to do anythings to help but we do what we cans and you's got to do what you cans as well. You sends out your thoughts and they's very important that you thinks about the peoples that's not very well and it's important that you sends them on the colours of the healing: the blues and the silver and the mauve and the pink. You will find that they will be ables to helps.

When the people's down in the dumps then you wants to sends them the sunshine; the yellow and the orange. They's very helpful to the peoples. Humph!

Sometimes there's the peoples on the earth plane and they comes and all they wants to do is moan and be very sorry for themselves and not to help themselves at all; they's quite happy to sit back and let everybody does everything for them so we wants you to knows, Oh, I's beginning to preach a sermon, I must not do that, but you knows that you comes to the earth plane so that you gets the lessons to learns and the peoples that's always down in the dumps, sometimes it's not for themselves, but it's for the peoples that's rounds them. They's got the lessons to learns in coping with them. The peoples that's always miserable sometimes they's not really there, oh, I not knows how to puts it, but they's like the shadow of themselves and it's because that's a lesson for the peoples that's close to them as well as the peoples themselves. I not knows if I puts it quite right but that's the way thats they's (the other guides) putting it to me so sometimes you feels very sorry for the peoples that's looking after the miserable people but it is the things that they wants to learn and that they comes to the earth plane to do. You follow?

Oh! Sometimes you has a very long road and it seems very dreary and there does not seem to be any sunshine; it all seems to be grey. But you's got to looks up, you's got to remember that there's the beauty in the clouds and in the grey skies and in the rain and in the snow and all the things that you do not like, they's still got the beauty in them and that's what you's got to looks for. Humph!

I's giving a sermon. Ha, ha. I's not a,, Oh,, that's,,. Yes! That's all right.

Yes, I likes comings (to the Circle). Sometimes I comes and I just chats and sometimes I comes and talks and sometimes I gives what you calls the philosophy and sometimes I just gives you the messages.

Ha, they (the other Guides) uses me when they wants me to give you somethings different. Humph! Because they wants you to be happy. That's one of the most important things in your life, for you to be happy and even when your circumstances are very black then you can still be happy inside 'cause you's got the knowledge about the Spirit World and you knows that the peoples comes backs to helps you so you should be really happy inside; you follow? So we do not wants you to sits downs and just be miserable 'cause there's enough misery in your world at the present time without you adding to it. So yous looks on the bright side and yous looks at all the things that gives you happiness and the things that makes you laugh and you share the jokes and you share the laughter with everybody else. Then you will find that you will be happy as well as you making the other peoples happy, you follow? So that's just what I wants to says to you today.

As I comes I brings with me the blessing from the Spirit World; from the people that's you knows and all the peoples that you don't know but who know you. There's lots and lots of them on the other side and when you has a Circle. Oh!, there's a lovely light that goes out and the peoples that's on the other side, they all sees the lights. The peoples that hasn't gone on very far, and they comes backs to the lights and they tries to joins in your Circle. You never sits all by yourself; you's got lots and lots of other peoples with you in the Circle.

Oh! They tells me I must stop now so I will just say God bless you each one of you and God bless the peoples that you love and the peoples that you don't love and God bless the peoples that's annoy you and the people that you annoy. Ha, ha. That covers practically everybody doesn't it?

So we just says Good-bye and God bless you.