Waiting for the Misses

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle.

Hellos everybodys.

It's nice to comes into your circle once again but it's funny, it's not the same as usual. I knows. I's been watching all the things that's been goings on, humph, and they's not easy the things that's happening and there's all the, ooh, what you calls them, the alterations and, ooh, no, it will be very, very nice when it's all done but it's not done yets. In the meantime there's lots of the, oooh, what you calls it, the changing atmosphere, that's one of the things that there is.

Oh, they tells me I's got to say hellos to the new lady. We's very pleased that you comes into the circle. Ha, ha, they's laughing about it. They says that you's been very, very, ooh, I's not know that word, anxious to comes and you wondered whether it would ever happen; well it has happened. But there's still some changes to take place. You will find that you will be able to get, ooh, what you calls it, develop in the circle and there will be things that you thinks that you sees but you not sees really; you thinks that it's your imagination. You always think's it's your imagination when you starts and you not knows whether it's your imagination or whether you's really picking up the things from Spirit. That's one of the things that you's got to learns as you gets on you will find that you will be ables to see the difference between the things that comes from Spirit and the things that you imagine. We wants you when you sees the things in the Circle we wants you to talks about them whether it's your imagination or whether it's not because that's the way that you will find that you gets more and more things from Spirit. You follow? (Thank you)

Humph, and we wants to says that to the little lady, (Mary) you's had nasty times hasn't you? We knows. But you's comes out of it smiling and we's very pleased with the way that you's been dealing with the things. There's been another lady comings to yous for some help and yous been able to give her the help that she wants and there's a gentleman in the Spirit that's linked to the lady that you's been helpings and he comes and he says thank yous very much for what yous been thinking. You follow? (Yes) And he says, ooh, he's not been over the other side very long, has he? (No) and he does not likes it very much at the moment because he's waiting for the other lady to come and join him, you follow? (Yes) and then they will be happys together; that's what he says. But in the meantime the gentleman wants to says thank you for the help that's you's giving to the lady on the earth plane.(Thank you)

There's a lady on the other side, she says her names was Hilda, and she's sending her love to yous. There's a Ruby coming from the other side, and there's Dick and there's a William (That's right) and they sends their loves to yous. They's telling that there's somethings about a mouse. What's it about a mouse? (I used to have mice when I was little. Is there one in my house?) No.. I not knows. I knows my Medi's seen some mice because her pussy's (cat) been bringing them in lately. But that's not the mouse that I's.. Humph.. They all says just you watch out. (Oh, I will) That's what we says to yous. Ha, ha. Oh, for the.. Humm! I not knows somethings.

[Spirit do not know everything as some people might think.]

We wants to says to the lady that there's the things that you's got to works out. (Me?) {Caroline} Yes, there's the things that you's got to works out. There's the things that, oh they's a bit mix-muddled at the moment and they's....

Note: Here the tape was over written by another talk. I had left the tape recorder with another person while I was away in the States. At the end of the talk Lilly is still speaking and continues. She seems to be speaking to one of the sitters.

When you goes up the leaning tower of Pizza sometimes yous going downs to gets up. The path, it goes round. The steps, they go round and they, oh, oh, because the tower is leaning sometimes you will be going ups the steps and you will seem to be going a little bit down and then you goes ups again. That will be the way that you will do your, what you calls it, progression. Ha, ha. That's it. And they say that they's not going to, huuh, I not knows how to puts that. Humm, they wants you to do it but you's got to do the things on the earth plane first and that will be the.. they will all help your progress. You follow? (Yes, thank you) It's difficult.. I's not knows. (The sitters began to speak about the heat that had appeared in the Circle) {I believe that Lucy was not very well as a little while after this she became very ill. J.H.H} (Then there was something about a Black Maria) Ha, ha, they's laughing.

Oh, they's telling me to stop now so I will just says goodnights to yous all and God bless you and God bless all the little ones thats comes alongs and the people that comes from the other side that comes into your circle and God bless the people that comes from the grey places. They's telling me there's been two peoples from the grey places tonight and they's been able to see the Spirit Light and goes on. So I says goodnight and God bless you all. I not sees any more peoples from the other side. They's there but they's not showing themselves, they's just there to help. You follow? (Yes)

God bless you.