Some Things Turn Out Right

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle

Oh! It's nice to be in your circle again and to says hellos to yous all.

There's something they wants me to tells you. Ooh, the things that's happenings, they's not always as they seems cause there's the things that's goings wrong and the things that's goings rights. Sometimes they gets muddled up and then the things that seems to be right, at the times, they turns out to be the wrong things and the things that you thinks are not very nice turns out to be the best things.

While you's in the earth body there's lots of things that yous not understand and then you thinks that there's, ooh, what you calls it, the things they's got the reason for them but you's not able to see the reason.

When the things happens in your lives then some of them will be the good and some of them will be the bad but they's all the things that you's got to have in your lives cause that's the reason that you comes to the earth plane; you knows that.

They tells me that I's just telling you what you already knows but it is very, very important because it's one of the things that you cannot understand while you's in the body; you will understand when you gets to the Spirit World because then you will find that there was a reason for the things that you thinks are very, very bad. Sometimes they's so that you can look at yourself and understand yourself and you knows that while you's on the earth plane you's not, ooh, what you calls it, you's not complete; there's parts of you on the earth plane and parts of you still in the Spirit World, and that's the reason why some of the things that you knows, you thinks they's all wrong and you's going down the wrong pathway, but you's got to remember that even if you goes down the wrong pathway it will still lead you on the way that you intended to goes when you comes to the Spirit World; you follows? I's not putting it over very well but it's necessary for you to have the goods and the bads, cause if you always had the goods you not knows anythings about the bads, then you will not know that it's good, you follow?

Oh! They says it's like the light and the dark. If everything was always the light you would not knows it but because you has the dark as well then you knows when the light comes and you appreciate it. You follow? You's not understands why the things in your lives they seems to go wrong but that's parts of the pathway that you chose to take when you first comes to the earth plane and the things that happens in your lives, they's the things that will give you what you really needs inside your soul, you follow?

But sometimes, we knows, it's very difficult for you to accept the things that happens in your lives and sometimes it's not the big things that happens in your lives that's important; it's all the little things. It's the little things, what you say, gets on your nerves and rubs you up the wrong way but when the big things happens in your lives, whether it be a big thing of good or whether it be a big thing of bad, then you's able to copes but it's the little things that happens every day that will be important when you gets to the Spirit World because, when you looks back, it will be how you deal with all the little things that will be the means of developing your souls cause that's why you comes to the earth plane.

Some of the people on our sides of life, they's very, very advanced. They will come to the earth plane just so that they can help the others but for most of yous peoples on the Earth that's just one of the things that you's got to do in order to grow in the Spirit, you follow? I's not know whether I puts it quite right but that's what they tells me to says so I passes that on to you.

I likes comings to the circle. Ha, ha. I misses the lady and I's very sorry that she's got so much trouble and there will the trouble, we knows, but there's always a reason for it and you will not be asked to carry more than you's able to carry, you follow? It's because you know so much that you's got to do so much, humph.

There will always be the things that will be a mystery to you while you's in the body and you cannot expect to understand all the things that happens while you's in the body till you comes to the Spirit. You's got to, what you calls it, live one day at a time and when you deals with the one day then you will find that you can deal with the next day, and so on.

We wants to tells the lady there (Mary) not to worry too much; you's got to remember that you's got the work to do and we do not want you to be, ooh, I's not knows that word, in-ca-pa-ci-tated, so you's got to learn to push it away, you follow? (Yes) And you will find that we will help you to get the peace of mind because, at the moment, your minds going all round, ooh, twenty to the dozen; that's what you says isn't it? Some of the things I's able to pick out of my Medium's mind and sometimes some of the words that she uses we's able to use as well. But sometimes I comes up against a word and then I finds it very, very difficult at times to puts the words into the proper way; but I do the best I can.

I sometimes feels a little bit impatient because when I's in the Spirit World then I's able to pass on all my ideas and I's able to relay all the things that comes to me perfectly but when I tries to use the Medi's body then I finds that it's much more difficult. Ha ha! It's like, ooh, trying to swim in the mud, ha, ha, we knows. There's lots of mud about but you's got to remember that you can go through the mud and you can come out the other side and you can give yourself a shake and all the mud will drop off; it's only the surface but it's not very nice while you're going through the mud. You's got to leave it behinds. So that's what we wants to tells you.

We wants to says to the gentleman (John) that we knows that you's getting much more than you says and you's got to learns to puts it into the words; you must not push it away all the time and you must not think that you's to analyze everything that comes; you's got to let your imagination work and it will not be all the imagination, it will be the inspiration from the Spirit. But you get lots of help with your music from the other side, we knows, and the gentleman on the other side that helps you with the organ is still there and he is still helping you. (Thank you) That's what he tells you. You's got to write it downs, we knows,....

Here the tape ran out.