Let's All Pull Together

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle

Hellos everybody.

Oh! It's nice to come to the Circle again, it seems a long while since I spoke to you and I's come tonights because I wants to says hellos to everybody and I's very please that the Circles still carrying on and that you's sending out your thoughts to help the peoples that's not so lucky as you are.

There will be, oh, we told you last time I came that there would be the terrible things happenings in your world and they's startings to comes abouts. But you's got to remember that there will the good coming out of the things because, at long, long last, your people that's, what you calls them, the leaders, theys beginnings to work together and that's the most important thing that's got to happen in your world; they's got to learns that there's the things in your world that's not able to be put right by one persons or one country; they's the things that's got to be put right by all the people working together.

We want you to send out all your thoughts and your love to all the people that's trying to make the better world for your people on the earth plane. There will be still some of the things that's going to happen that will not seem to you to be very good but, in the end, they will work out in the right way. That's what we wants to tells you that you's got to remember that this is, what you calls it, the piece between the two ages. Oh, I not knows much about that, but that's what they tells me to says; that there will be the difference in the times that's a-coming with the times that's a-gone before.

Some of the things that seems to you to be so very, very bad; they's necessary because you's got to try to start afresh. You will find that there will be the, oh, what you calls them, the earthquakes and the floods, and all the other terrible things that happens; they will have all the good things as well. You's got a song, we's told, that there's a Silver Lining to the clouds and that's what you's got to look for.

Of course you knows that the times of the peoples on the earth plane, they's very important; but they's only very short time compared with the time that they will be in the Spirit World. You knows that, and so you's got to do what you can to make the peoples times on the earth plane, they's got to be happy, and they's got to makes the other people rounds them happy. But there will always be the things that makes you, and all them, sad. That is the way of the earth plane.

They's tellings me that in the past there's been the very, very bad periods, like that one thats you's going through at the moment, but you not always hears abouts them. When you was on the earth plane before, your lives was very, very narrow. Ooh, you lives in one place and you lives and dies in that place, and you sees nothings else. You follow? (Yes) There was not the, what you calls it, the travel and the holidays that you's got todays. And there's the peoples on the other sides of the world from you, they's still living as you lived when you was on the earth plane before. They's very, very narrow, ooh, they not knows anything about the world as it really is.

There will be the things that's a commings; they seem to you to be very, very bad but they's in the plan of the earth plane. You follows? (Yes) I's trying to put it into words.

We gets the ideas that comes to us, no, they comes to me from the other sides; from the peoples that's a little bit further on than I am, and I trys to puts them into the words and sometimes I gets the words right and sometimes I gets the words wrong. I knows that. But they's trying to puts it through so that you will not be too despondent. You must look for the good that will come out of the evil.

Yes, we's very pleased to be in the Circle agains and to see yous all agains. We misses the gentleman that brings the people that wants the help (Brian) but we takes to him the love and tells him that we knows he was thinking about us even when he was working with the, what you calls it, the car.

I saw a car when I was on the earth plane, I only saw it once. I thought it was a funny cart. I could not see the horse and they says that it was what you calls the horse power, but there was no horse; but it went along and we stood and we watched it and we laughed because it was so funny. I remembers that when I was on the earth plane. It was a very funny cart without any horse. (We all laughed with Lilly about her memory) Now, when we comes to the earth plane we sometimes sees all your cars and your, what you calls them, the aeroplanes; they was not about when I was on the earth plane. We saw balloons sometimes but we never saw what you call the aeroplanes.

Sometimes I looks back and I thinks of when I was on the earth plane and the things that was important to me then and they's not important at all now because I could not get the food to eat, and I could not have the clothes to wear. There we was very, very poor; what you calls it, down and out. But we was happy in a way because I had my mother but, when my mother died, then I was all alone till I died. I was very, very unhappy then; but when I comes to this sides of life and then I finds that I's happy because, ha, ha, because I finds my mother, and I finds my little brother, and we's all been together, and we's all living in the house together for a long time.

But now, my mother, she's, what you calls it, she's gone on and my little brother's not little any more. He's grown up in Spirit. You cannot follow that completely, but he has got the maturity and he's coming back to the earth plane very, very soon. They's getting ready for him and he will be in the, ooh, not a poor family, but not a very rich family. He's going to come back to the, ooh, what you calls them, the Indian people. He will come back there and I will miss him, although I will be able to see him when he's in the sleep state. He wants to become a very important man, humph, and he will one days and them, ooh, I not know. I sees bits of what his life on the earth plane is going to be, but it will not be altogether good. There will be the times when there will be the troubles, but that's what he comes to the earth plane for. I will still be in close touch with him when he comes to the earth plane.

We wants to tell the Medi that we's seen the lady on the other side and we's going to look after her and make her feel better altogether. She says she's had a, what you calls it, a hard life when she was on the earth plane so she will find that there will be the, ooh, I not knows that word, com-pen-sa-tion for her now she's in the Spirit, we knows, but she will comes back and she will talks about the washing up, we knows, but that will be the proof for the Medi. (One of the members of the Abingdon Church had died. She had served for many years and was well known for doing the tea at the end of the Service) There will be lots of the peoples comings through and they will be, ooh, they will give the messages.

We wants to says to the gentleman that puts up all the barriers (me, of course) that yous going to find one day that you will start talking and then it will not be yous, it will be your Guides talking and they's going to, ooh, that doesn't sound right, knock you on the head (we all laughed at that) to makes you let them comes without makings all the questions, you follow? (Yes, I said, knowing only too well what a barrier an enquiring mind can be.) Ooh, they's laughing. They says that there will be the jabber, jabbering, in the different languages. So you just wait and sees. But, sometimes, the things that I sees and I tells you, they not comes 'cause you's got the free will and sometimes it's not just your free will, it's the free will of the other people that interferes with what we sees. You follow? But it will be the pattern that will comes out and sometime the pattern, it gets very, very muddly and then, when you gets to the other sides of life you has to sort out the muddles and puts the muddles right. But you will find that you has the opportunity to do that. So there will be lots of the things that you's got to do you think will be impossible but there's no such word when you gets to Spirit because there's nothing that's completely impossible; it just takes, what's that someone says, it takes a little while.

Oh! I's been jabbering away. Ha, ha. I likes that word, jabber, jabbering. I's got to remember that! And there will be the time coming when you will finds that there will be the close links, closer than they are at the moment, between yous and the Spirit because you's all got the Guides and the Helpers and they wants to works with you, and you sends out the thoughts, we knows, into the dark and you helps the peoples that's a little bit lost. They's able to comes to you Circle and sees your lights and then we's able to helps them. Not me, I do not do that work, but there's lots of the people that does that work.

So, I think's I's better shut up. I's been talking but it's nice to come into the Circle again. Oh! They's telling me that I owe you an apology 'cause I thought you would have a nice summer and they tells me that you didn't but you had some nice days and the rest of the time it was not very nice. But that's because the peoples on the earth plane, they's got to learn to be more careful with what they use and with the things that they puts into the air. You knows that and you's doing what you can to help.

So we just wants to say now that we says goodnights to yous all and God bless you and God bless all the people that you love and God bless the people that you don't love. And God bless the Circle and the work that you are doing. We will come again and talks to you when we can; when the Spirit thinks that we ought to. It's not always the same. Sometimes it's needed and sometimes it's not; so we just waits and sees.

So we says Goodnights and God bless you all.