There's Lots And Lots To Do

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 12th of November 1991

Hellos everybodys.

It's nice to come and see you in your Circle this afternoon and we wants to tells you that there is lots of love coming to you, especially at this time.

We knows that there has been the sorrow, but we also knows that there has been great, oh, what you calls it, rejoicing on the other side because your friends (Margaret's pony and Clair's horse [Clair owns the stables where Margaret had her pony]) they's very, very happy to have finished with the earth plane and they's enjoying themselves on the other side. You knows that they's not going to be on the other side all that length of time because they's got to moves on in the progress of things, but they wants to let you know that they's happy and that they's very, very pleased that you's been sending out your loves to them because that helps in the journey from your earth plane into the Spirit World. You follow? (Yes thank you.) [Interesting? What did Lilly mean by that? Should have asked.]

So now we just wants to says to each one of you that you's got to takes up the works again on the earth plane. And the loves that you gives to the peoples and the animals on the earth plane is still wanted as there are lots of the animals, and the peoples, that need your loves and your thoughts; so you's still got the work to do. You miss the one but there will be the others that will be there for you to helps.

They's telling me that I's got to say to the gentleman (John) that he's,, oh, he knows that. Humph, he does not want me to say that! He knows that he's got to do the work. (Yes, I do know that I have got to do the work. If only I knew what is was.) But he gets, what you calls it, a block and he won't let himself go and says just what comes into his mind. He thinks all the time that it's himself. Sometimes it's self, but most of the time, he knows if he really thinks it, there will be the thoughts comings to him from the other sides; from our side. (Thank you) You's got to have the faith. That's what we wants to tells you.

And for the little lady (Mary) we wants to says to her that we's doing our best to make life a little bit easier for her from the health point of view. You follow? We wants to says to her that she's got to keep cheerful and she's got to smile because that will be very, very important. And we wants to tells her that we's trying to help with the conditions at home. We knows they's difficult but we wants you to knows that we's sending out our love and we's doing our best to help in the circumstances. You follow? (Thank you)

And for the lady, ooh, we wants to tells you that you will be quite surprised that all the things that you's been able to do, even though you thinks that your body has given the trouble but we wants you to know that we's very pleased with the way that you's been coping with the things; and you's been sending out your thoughts and they's very, very important. There is a place on the earth plane for the people who do the things and there is a place on the earth plane for the people who can't do the things as, what you calls, the active things but they's able to do the things of the Spirit; the mediation and the thoughts of the Spirit, and that's very important as well.

My Medi, she thinks that it's all the things that you do and the things of the action, they's far more important than the things of the Spirit, but they's not. There is a place on the earth plane for them both; for the action and for the thoughts, for the love, for the prayers and for the help that you gives. Even though you cannot know, you cannot see the result, they will there and when you come over to our sides of life then you will sees that all the prayers and the love that you send out that it is just as important as the actions. You follow? (Yes)

We wants to says to yous that we's very pleased that you has the little Circle because you's able to helps the peoples on the other side that don't quite understand the things of the Spirit. They's still very, very close to the earth plane and they's able to comes to your Circle. And by coming to your Circle they picks up your thoughts much quicker than they picks up the thoughts of the Spirit people who's trying to helps them. But when they comes close to yous then they will ables to see the Spirit Light and so you will be helping them in their progress in the next world. You follow? (Yes, thank you.)

So, ha, ha, I will tells them. (Lilly receives more instructions from those who are with her on the other side) They say it's always a very sad time on the earth plane at the moment because it's the beginnings of the winter and everything in nature, in your parts of the world, they has a rest but you's got to remember that in other parts of the world they's just beginning to comes into lifes again. So when you thinks of the Spring in the other parts of the world, that's what you calls the Winter in your part of the world, then you will not mind it so much. We wants to tells you that it will pass and then you will see the Spring and the sunshine again and then the other parts of the world will be having their Winter; so it's all in the scheme of things.

We wants to says to you that you do not wants to worry too much about what your scientist say about your world; you do the little bits that you can in your own particular environment and we will see what we can do with the whole thing. Sometimes your scientists, they gets it all wrong, so we wants to says to you's be happy and laugh at the things that goes wrong in your life and know that they's all, what you calls it, they's all water under the bridge.

The things that goes wrong, they's not the big things, it's the little things that makes you annoyed and we wants to says to yous that they's not really important. The important things is that you keep your faith and you continue to send your love and your prayers to all the peoples on the earth plane that need it. There's many of those so you's got lots and lots to do, haven't you?

But, anyway, we wants now, ooh, they's telling me that I's got to stop so I will just says to each of you that we's very, very happy and we's glad that we's come to speak to you, and we says to each of you God bless you and God keep you, and see your pathway quite plainly that you's got to go.

God bless you.