The Colour Of The Patchwork

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during September 1991.

Lilly linked with Lucy after another speaker had been.

Oh! I came through quite quickly that time and it was 'cause the other, ooh, they cleared the way so I was able to slip through as I just wanted to says hallos to yous.

I wants to wish the little lady a very, very, ooh, what you calls it, a happy holiday. (Thank you said Mary) We wants to tell the gentleman that he will have his work cut out. He will find that he is not only going to play, what you calls it, the piano, the organ, but you will find the times that you will be able to talks. We knows you likes talking and you talks quite a lot too. (Was that a compliment or a complaint?) But you finds that you gets the words that you wants; they seems to comes into your mind and then you's able to puts them forward and you will find that you will enjoy that week very, very much. (Thank you Lilly. She is correct about the words. J.H.H.)

And for the lady. (Margaret) Ooh, she has the nasty back, we knows, and we wants to tells yous thats there will be the what you calls it, the improvement, and you will find that you will be able to gets around as you wants to do; not as much as you used to do but will find that you will be able to get around more that you do at the moment.

And we wants to tell my Medi' that she's not to do too much. She's been doing a bit too much and she's got to be content to sit, humph, she thinks that she's wasting time when she just sits, but she's not wasting time cause she's resting the body and the body's done such a lot of work and it's about time that it, what you calls it, eased up a bit. So you tells her. She had a bit of a fright on Saturday, we knows. She realised that she did a bit too much; she's got to take it easy. So that's what we wants to tells her. She's listening to what I says and then she thinks that it's all the rubbish. But she knows that it's not possible for someone to says all the things that comes through her without they comes from the Spirit. Humph, that's what we wants to tells her.

So now we just wants to says Goodnight, ooh, it's not nights is it? It's daytime. (Lilly has not got used to the Circle being in the afternoon after years of it being in the evening) We wants to say good-bye to yous all and to all the people that's been with you in the Circle; and you's had lots of the peoples around you in your Circle. You's had several of your helpers and they's doing their best with the circumstances. That's what they always says but sometimes it's not possible to do very much because the peoples on the earth plane, they's got the, what you call, free will and, although there is a big plan that your world has got to go through, yet it can be hindered by the free will, not only of the people like you, but of all the other peoples. Ooh, it gets to be like a patchwork and sometimes the patches, they's not the right colour and then they hold up all the work until they's taken out and put back in the right colour. You follow? (Yes) So that's what we wants to tells you.

So. Ooh, we wants to says that little Jacky is here and he wants to says to yous all God bless you and God keep you and God make your path straight before you. He learnt that when he was in the Sunday School. Oh, he's going to come and speak sometimes. So you wait for that. I will be glad when he comes and speaks because he wants to get the contact with the earth plane a bit more than he does at the moment. But he will be there and when you find that the things in your houses are not in the same place as you puts them that's what Jacky does. He's a naughty little boy but he does it because that's the way that he can make the contact with the Earth. He's not been in the Spirit very long and he still thinks about the earth plane. But he will, when he comes, be able to talks to you and then he will be able to make the progress. So that's what we says to yous.

Now we says good-bye. I wants to say goodnight. I's so used to saying goodnight that it comes out from the Medi' without my thinking about it. So now I's got to say good-bye and God bless you all.

(God bless you Lilly, and little Jacky)