Let them Worry For Themselves

Some advice from Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 17th of December 1991.

Hellos everybodies.

It's nice to come into your Circle once again and to just say a few words to you and we wants to says to the lady that's got the nasty headache (Mary) that we's going to work on it and take it away. We wants to tells you that you's not to worry too much; you's worrying about somebody else. Let them worry for themselves; don't you do the worrying for them! When they worries for themselves then they will get the answer to what they wants to do and then they will be ables to, what you call it, cut their own cloth. They's saying that you's still sends out your love and pray for them but don't try to, ooh, makes up their minds for them; they's got to do that for themselves. You follow? 'Cause you's been worrying about it. You can't do anything else in the situation except what you's doing in the way of the prayers. You follow? "Yes" said Mary.

We often thinks that it's one the most difficult things on your earth plane for you to walk your own path and let other people walk their path. You always wants to help, we knows that, and that is right that you do help but you help sometimes by letting other people having the, ooh, what's I wants, the ground to stand on. You follow? (Yes) I's not putting it very well because I's getting a bit mix-muddled but that's the things to does. Sometimes it's far more difficult to stand back and let peoples makes mistakes but it's good for them and it's not good for them if you always makes the decisions for them. You follow? (Yes) I's trying to puts it into words.

My Medi knows what she wants to says but it's sometimes when I comes and takes over then it's a bit difficult sometimes to gets out the right words but we do our best and we do wants to says to all of you that we hopes, oh yes, that's the way, that you has a happy Christmas and, oh, I not knows that, a good new year? That's it, a good new year. It will be goods in lots of ways; it will be better than the year that's just comings to the finish for you but there will not be all the sunshine, there will be the shadows as well but they will not be as black as the shadows as you's come through. So that's what we wants to tells you.

We wants to says that on your earth plane there's the things happening that, if the peoples that makes the decisions, if they will follow what they really believe then there will be a comings together and there will be the peace treaty signed. That's what they tells me. And they wants me to says that Spirit are very well aware of what you's praying for and we wants you to remember all the other countries in your world where there is the disputes, and that's lots of places we knows, but there will be out of all the muddle at the moment, there will be coming a get together of the leaders of the peoples and they will be ables to make the treaty so that there will be more peace on your earth plane; but that's up to your leaders. You's got to send out all your prayers and all your thoughts, and we's doing the same from our sides of life, that there will be a settlement and that the peoples of the earth plane will be able to live their lives in peace.

Oh! That's what the Christmas message is isn't it? (Yes) There will be peace on the Earth. It's a long time coming. Lots of it is because people are so afraid. They do not know about the Spirit World and they thinks that what happens on the earth plane is the most important thing; but it is just a part of the lives of the peoples. You follow? (Yes) They's got to work through their destiny, and they's got to realise that it doesn't matter how much they get while they's on the earth plane as they's got to leave it behind when they comes to the Spirit World.

That's something that they will not look at. They do not think beyond the present and we ask you and,, oh, I's getting a bit lost, but there's the Guides that's helping all the peoples in the world to brings about a better world for yous. But it will not be easy, we knows that, but it will comes and we wants to tells you that you does the bits that comes to your hand and you gives out the loves that comes to you to the other people and that's all that yous can do in your lives. To gives out the love and not to mind if the other people sometimes do not want to take it. You's still got to loves them. That is most important.

Ooh, I's giving quite a sermon, isn't I? But now I just wants to says to each ones of you that we's very happy to be in the Circle and we's very happy that you carries on with your Circle. (all four of us) We wants you to knows that it is important and that what you do here is taken and is used by the other people in the Spirit world and it all goes together to make one big lights. You follow? (Yes)

So now we just says Good-bye to all of you and may you have a happy time. We will come and speaks to you again. Next time we will not give a sermon; we will just give a little talk. We says good-bye and God bless you. God bless you and God bless all the little ones that come into the Circle. You has a lot of little ones, you knows that, and God bless the animals as they comes alongs as well and they gets a blessing from you as well as the little children.

So now we says Good-bye and God bless you all.

God bless you.