Things You Wants To Do

A conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle.

Hellos everybody.

Oh! It's a long time since I's been to the Circle but I's very pleased to comes again and to says hallos to yous all, and to the new little lady. I's been listening to what you's been saying and I's very pleased that you's beginnings to picks ups the things and not be afraid to says them. You's been holding back, haven't you? You's been getting lots of things and you's not been giving them off, we knows. But that's what you wants to do is to give them off and then you will find that you will gets mores and mores and mores. 'Cause that's the only way to make, what you calls it, the progress. That's the things that you wants to do. You's got to learns to gives the, ooh, I's not knows that words, they calls it clairvoyance; that's the way to give the clairvoyance. To gives it off when you gets it and to know that what you gives off is the rights. Often you picks up the things and you thinks it's your, what you calls it, 'magination; that's the things that you peoples on the earth plane, you always thinks it's imagination. You's got wonderful imagination but we wants yous to know that you do links up with the Spirit and when you links up the Spirit then the things that you gets, they's the things that's aright. But you's got to have the confidence; that's the most important thing. But you's got to know, of course, when you not get the things, 'cause the thing that you must not do is pretend that you picks up the things when you does not. You follows?

(Yes, said a feint voice, I think it was Mary. However these words could be applied to anyone who is developing Clairvoyance, in it's many forms, and those who are doing so would agree with the truth in Lilly's words)

But, anyways that was not what we came to say! We comes and says hallos to yous and we also says hallo to the spirits that here from, what you calls, the grey spheres. Sometimes we's not ables to sees them, we only knows that they's there by what you says and what you gives off. But they's ables to come and you's able to gives them the light and them they's able to be helped. I do not do that sort of work but that's one of the things that lots of the spirits on the other side works with your Circle, that's what they do; they helps the other peoples to get to the lights and they helps them to see the Spirit Light and to start making the progress. You knows 'cause you learns it in your, what you calls it, the Principles that eternal progression is open to every soul.

Ha, ha! Soul is just another way saying the spirit. And when theys starts on the progress then they's ables to make lots of the things that they wanted to do when they was on the earth plane, they finds that they's able to do it when they comes to the Spirit. While they's in the grey places, they's not do nothing. They just roams in the darkness and they thinks it's all dark and they see the earth plane sometimes and then they tries to make contact with the earth plane but the peoples on the earth plane, they not sees them at all. That is one of the things that they's very sorry about but when they begins to see the light; when they begins to comes to Spirit then they finds that they's able to carry on with the things that they liked to do when they was on the earth plane. That will be the same with you. You will be able to carry on with the things hat you likes doing on the earth plane but you finds lots and lots more things to do because there's nobody sitting down just doing nothings when they comes to the proper Spirit World, they's always got the things that they wants to do and they's ables to do them. They learns lots of things so that they can go on, and carry on, and make progress in the Spirit World. You follow?

Ha, ha! We wants to tells you that there's some of the things that you do when you's on the earth plane that you not wants to do when you comes to Spirit; you says it's very good to leave them all behind. Sometimes they's, what you calls, a duty and it's very, very hard for you to do the things on the earth plane to the best of your ability. When you comes to Spirit you's very glad to leave them behinds.

But you will not find that you sits and, ooh, what's they say, sits on the clouds and plays the harp. Ha, ha, we's not sees anybody playing the harp except the, what you calls them, the musicians 'cause they likes doings that, but they only does that for some of the time. They finds that they's got the other work to do and you knows that the things that you do in the Spirit will be the things that you wants to do. You cannot do anything that you does not wants to do till you's ready to want it. Ooh, I's getting a bit mix-muddled-up but that's what we wants to says that's there's only the one person that's going to tell you what you's got to do and that's yourself. You will not get the orders to do this, that and the other; it will be entirely what you wants and what your spirit wants when you gets to our sides of life. Sometimes you will be doings the things that you do not like but that's because you knows that it will be the good for you. It's like when you when you makes the children eat the greens on the earth plane. They's not likes them but you knows that they do them good. Well, that will be the same in the Spirit World. There will be the things that you do not likes but they will be the things that you knows that you wants; the spirit knows that you wants. You follow?

We just wants to says that we's very pleased to comes through again and we wants to gives you all our love and we wants to tells you that you's going to get a nice surprise. You's got to wait a little while but there will be a nice surprise for the Circle. I's not telling you what it is. Ha, ha. I's just says that when it happens then I will come and speaks to yous as well.

So now they tells me that the time's gone. Time! That's the things on the earth plane, that's not the things in Spirit. That's what you's been saying that the time, oh, what you calls it, does not exist in the Spirit World not the same as it is on the earth plane. Your scientists, they's beginning to knows that the time is not absolute, that the times is relative. Oh, ho! I'm using lots of words, I'm getting quite a scientist and that's the things that the scientists, they's beginnings to understand. You will find that when the science accepts the things that they begins to knows then they will begin to accept Spirit and that there is a Spirit World and that people do have the souls that leaves the body and they will begin to believe that there is another life when you leaves the Earth body and takes on the Spirit body. That will be coming, but not just yet.

Ha, ha! There's lots of people that do not want to believe; they thinks it's all, what you calls it, rubbish and they thinks that there is nothing except the body on the earth plane, they's stupid. Ha, ha, ha! They's got to knows that there is the spirit and the spirit can never die; the spirit goes on. Sometimes it goes on in the Earth body and sometimes it goes on in the Spirit World and sometimes it leaves the Spirit World, as you know it, and goes on into another phase. You not knows about that but that's what I's been told. I's still in the Spirit World next to the earth plane.

Oh! They tells me that I've got to go now 'cause it's the times on your earth plane when it's come to the finish. So I will just says goodnights and God bless you and God bless the lady saying nothings over there. You's sitting very, very quite but you's got the things with you from the Spirit, you knows that don't you? (No reply from Edith) The lady sitting at the end of the sofa? There's the things from the Spirit that you's been picking up. So now we will says goodnights to yous all and we gives you our blessing and we wishes that you's all gets the good health and that you will finds that you's goes on and able to do the things of the Spirit as you wants to do and so we says goodnights until another time.

Goodnights and God bless you. And God bless all the people that you love and God bless all the peoples that you don't love, and God bless all the peoples that, what you calls them, are a nuisance, and God bless all the people that do the, what you calls, the wicked things on the earth plane. But there will be the blessings on the earth plane. There's a blessing coming from Spirit and it's coming to everybody.

So we says goodnights and God bless you.