Reality Is Just An Illusion

A conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 7th of August 1992.

Hellos everybodys.

Oh, it's nice to come into the Circle once again and we wants to just says hellos to all of you, and we says hellos to all the other peoples that are in the Circle as well. 'Cause somes of them I not knows, but they comes from, ooh, all over the place. They's the people that sometimes they knows where they are and what they's doing and sometimes they don't know anythings about it. Then they comes to your Circle and sometimes they gets what they wants, and sometimes they don't, and sometimes they's ables to, what you calls it, latch on to what you's saying and then they's able to go on into the Spirit World, and that's very important. We always say that your Circle's important, don't we? 'Cause we don't want you to feel that it's a waste of your time when you comes to the Circle. We likes to makes the links with you and we's ables, sometimes, to helps; and that's what we wants to do. It's very important that you are able to helps all the peoples that not knows that they's left the earth plane. You follow?

We wants to tells you that we's lookings after the pussy (Margaret's cat, George, is getting old and is not well at times) and we knows that it will not be very long before he comes to the Spirit World but, when he comes, he will come very, very quietly. That's what we tells you. ("Thank you" said Margaret) And you know that we's been able to help the horses that you's very, very fond of; so we's just, what you calls it, confirming that. We picks up the thoughts that you has about the little whale (an escaped white whale had been in the news which had been traced in the sea and had been taken back to captivity) and we's not going to say that he's going to be all rights immediately but they's doings their best to makes him all right. That's one of the things that we wants to says thank you for your thoughts about.

Oh! When we comes into the earth plane todays we knows that it's, what you calls, very, very wet (the rain had been rather heavy that afternoon) but it's what you wants. So you's got to say thank you very much for the rain. It will do the good to the ground. There's lots of places on your earth plane where they could do with little bits of the rain that you's been having. But that's one of the things that your Earth is for; it's for the peoples to comes and they has the different experiences that they needs. Sometimes they's good experiences and sometimes they's not so good but they are all what they planned before they comes to the earth plane. You follow?

We wants to says to yous that there's lots of things that you cannot understands at the present time. We cannot puts them into the words that you will understand. So you's got to takes it on trust and know that there will be the changes in your world. Some of the changes will be the good but some will be not so good but they's all in the, what you calls it, the melting pot and theys will comes out with the,, ooh the, what you calls it, the dross will be wiped away and there will be the good left.

We knows you's been looking into the future, hasn't you? (Lucy and I had been discussing the book "Past Lives, Future Lives") You's been trying to see what was going to happen and you's not understands all the things thats they says will happen. You follow? But you's got to remember that you's been told over and over again that the time, as you knows it on the earth plane, seems very, very long and what will happen in the future seems a long way off for yous. But that's only, what you calls it, an illusion, because the whole of your world is an illusion. But while you are in it you feels that's it's the only reality. You's got to learn that reality, and the illusion, they's all the same thing. You see what you's got the mind ready for the seeing. It's like when you says that,, oh, I's picking the things out of my Medi's mind, like some of the animals they sees the things that are not in your sight. They's lower than you knows (infra red) and some of them sees higher than you knows (ultra violet). It's the same with the sounds. Some of the sounds you cannot hears them but other animals, they hears them and it's part of their life. (Bats. etc) So when you gets two peoples looking at the same thing they sees different things. They see the things that they's ready to see. You's in different stages in the, oh, what you calls it, in the evolution, oh, that's a long word, the evolution. And you sees things from that points of view. So that's why we says to you do not be too ready to condemn the other people 'cause they sees things differently from you. You follow? We tells you that the Brother (Bernard) said over and over again that you's individuals; that you's somebody special and you sees things from that special angle. But when you leaves the body behind, sometimes when you goes into the sleep state and sometimes when you's just meditating you sees things from the different angle, and they all looks different. That's one of the things that we wants to tells you this afternoon.

Oh! We's giving you, what you calls it, the philosophy. We's very happy to be in your Circle and we wants to says to each ones of you that you's treading the path that you intended to before you came to the earth plane. Sometimes you's wandered from the path and taken a few steps to one side and then to the other, but you's comes back on the path again. So that's one of the things.

Oh! We wants to tells you that there was a little bird and he comes into your Circle and he flies round and he gives you a little song, ha, ha. We wants to says, from the little bird, we wants to says hellos to each ones of you and you knows that you's very fond of the animals and the birds, the flowers and the trees, and all the things of the Nature. Some of the things, oh, you's not quite so keen on, we knows, but they's all parts of the evolution, and you's parts of it as well. You's beginning to understand that there will be the purpose for your Earth in the future.

We wants to say hellos to each one of you and we sends our love to the peoples that you's linked to in the earth plane. And that comes from the people in the Spirit World. The people that's goods and the peoples that's not so good, and they all likes to join me in saying thank you very much.

So we says good-bye and God bless all of yous. God bless all the people that's been in the Circle with you. We knows that if you only spread??? (not sure what Lilly said there) you would know that there's lots of people with each ones of you 'cause you all brings a group of your own to the Circle. They mingles and they sees each other and they links up when they comes to your Circle.

Now I will just say good-bye and God bless you, God bless you.