Lilly Joins In

Some encouragement for a new group

Recorded in Cora Killby's Sanctuary, Abingdon, on the 11th of May 1992.

Hellos everybodys

I've just popped in and says hallos to yous all and it's nice to see so many here and as I goes round the Circle I feel that each one of you, ooh, you's trying to do your best to get the links with the Spirit and you's finding it very difficult at times and you's, ooh, we knows some of you has the, what you calls them, the doubts, and you thinks to yourselves "Is it really true; is it happening?" Well we wants to tell you that it is happening; that you's making the links with the Spirit and that your helpers, they's all here, and they's trying to make you understand that there's the things that you's got to says.

And we wants to says to alls of you that you's got to says what you gets and give out the, what you calls it, self-conscious, cause there's the Spirit Power. And there's the, ooh, all the things that you wants; they's quite close to you so that you can gets then.

So we just wants to says to yous all that you's got to pass on what you gets from the Spirit World and you's not to have the doubts that it's your own mind; you always says it's your mind, or your imagination, but it's not! It's the things that really comes to yous from the Spirit World. So that's what we wants to says to each and every ones of you.

We wants to say the lady that's, oh, what you calls it, organising it; we wants to give you a big blessing and to says to yous that you's doing a good work and you's not to take any notice of the things that says that you's wasting your time. Cause you's got to do the things, you knows that, and that's why you's got the helps comings to you from the Spirit Side.

And we wants to give you all, ooh, we wants to give you all a big hug and to says to yous all that there's lots of the Spirit Power with yous tonights and you's able to do all the things.

So nows I will leave you to gives off the things that comes to yous from the Spirit World.

So now I says goodnights and God bless you all.

Cora Kilby, now in Spirit, had a Healing Sanctuary in her garden which we used occasionally for meetings.
A different group of people came to these meetings; Lucy's Circle had no connection with Cora's Sanctuary which was more associated with the White Dove Centre in Witney.
Lucy was an invited guest on this occasion and I was there because I am involved with both groups. J..H.H.