Can't Goes Against Their Free Will

A conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 2nd of June 1992

We had just listened to a nice talk from Sister of Mercy and I had been worried about running out of tape on my recorder. When the talk came to an end there was very little tape left and I was showing Margaret the cassette with just two inches of tape before the leader. She was saying that whoever was speaking seemed to know about the tape as that had occurred many times in her recordings when Lilly linked in with Lucy. I could not turn my tape over as I had completed side B so the tape was full. Margaret handed me a new tape in it's wrapping and it took me a little while to undo it, get it into the machine and switch on. While I was doing this I was paying extra attention to what Lilly was saying. She started with her usual "Hellos everybodies" and said how nice it was to come into the Circle again. She went on to say that she wished that she could come through like Sister of Mercy and talk sensibly to us but, as we knew, she had the problem of having to take up the child condition which she was in when she died of a plague all those years ago in Naples.

I pick up from the tape:

.... who (Sister of Mercy) puts the words together in the right way. They comes out all topsy-turvy, but you don't mind cause you knows what I wants.

It's very nice to comes to yous and we wants to says to the little one (Mary) that you's got to looks for the bright things; they's not the big bright things, but they will be the little bright things that will give you the uplift, and you knows you's very, very, ooh, I's not knows the words, privileged to link up with the Spirit as you do and to give off the things that the helpers gives to yous. We wants to says to yous that we's helping in the earth's conditions but you's got to realise that we's limited in what we can do because we can only help when they wants (us) to helps. You follow? And when the peoples not wants (us) to helps then it's not so easy for us to give the helps that's wanted. You follow? But we's doing our best in the circumstances.

John interrupted at this point because, although he knew what Lilly was talking about, it was not very well put. So he said: " So you're saying you can only help those that want help from Spirit? Lilly continued: "When they knows that they needs the help. But there's some of the people on the earth plane, they thinks that they's got enough in themselves; they do not wants the helps and then all we can do is to try to influence them when they's asleep. But, even when they's asleep quite often they will not listen to what is being said to them. Oh, we's trying but we's, ooh, what you calls it, the free will of the people on the earth plane and we cannot goes against their free will".

John asked if this affected absent healing, saying: "How does that apply to healing? If you ask for healing for somebody who doesn't want to accept healing from Spirit does that present a problem." Lilly replied: "There's the peoples, when they's got somethings wrong with them they's always, what you calls it, they's ready to take anything. But they will not think that it's the Spirit doings it but we give them the help that we can. You follow?" "Yes" said John, who further enquired with: "So you can ask for healing for somebody who you know doesn't believe in it (healing)?" Lilly agreed and carried on "but they will not admit that it's coming from the Spirit. They just thinks that, ooh, perhaps it's the weather that's cheering thems up. But you's got to do just what you can. You can't do the miracles if the peoples not wantings them. If they's not ready to accept that there are such things as miracles, then they will not takes them. You follow? I's not putting it in the rights way, but that's the things that very, very important; that you sends out your thoughts and your prayers for all the peoples, whether they accept, or whether they reject. You's got to just do what you cans, and know that you's not, ooh, what's the words, you's nots able to do the things that,,, some of the things that you wants to do, you's not able to do because it's not possible. You follow?

So, anyway, we wants to gives you our love. That goes without saying because you knows that you's got our love. And we wants you to give the loves to the other people, particularly the people that upsets you a bit. But that's the only thing that you can do is to gives the loves and know that Spirit are trying to help in the best way that they can. That goes for the whole world. All the things on the earth plane, ooh, they's very, very black at times, but we's trying to makes it better. We's doings what we cans, but we cannot goes against the free will of the men. And, when they do not want to do anything that might make them a bit uncomfortable, they says that it's all rubbish. So yous just goes along and do what you cans, and you has to leave the rest to the Spirit. You follow?" We all said: "Yes."

"So we gives you a blessing and we gives you the help with the healing and we knows that you will feel the benefits from it even though, sometimes, you thinks that you's been forgotten. You's never been forgotten! There's always the peoples that will help you when you asks them."

"So we says God bless you, and God bless all the peoples that's linked to you, and God bless all the peoples that's on the earth plane, and, not only all the peoples, but all the things that's got the Spirit. That's what we wants to says. We know it's a very big blessing but there's no end to it. That's one of the things that you finds out when you gets to the Spirit World; there's no end to the loves and the blessing that can come to everyone and everything."

"So now we says good-bye and God bless you.."