The Revalation?

Another Conversation With Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 4th of August 1992

Hellos everybodys.

Oh! I just thought I would just comes and says a few words to yous this afternoon.

I's very pleased to comes agains into your Circle and I's been listening to what you's been saying and I wants to tells you that you's on the right path because there will be the, ooh, what you calls it, the revelation coming from our side and we wont be able to alter all the things in the.. ooh.. the moment of time because we's got to work all the things through. There will be the times of the troubles again and they will be going on for some times but there will be the hope that before too long you will be ables to make the proper contact with Spirit World. That's what we wants to do for yous because otherwise your world will be going into the blackness and there will be the.. ooh.. the terrible things of what you calls the wars and we do not want that to happens to your world at this time.

We's been trying to get all the peoples on the earth plane to learn something about the Spirit and we knows that there's lots of peoples in every country in your world that thinks the same as you do; that the Spirit is very, very close. They knows that there's the things that's got to be put rights.

The people on the earth plane, they's got to learn not to be so greedy 'cause, at the present time, most - oh no, not most - but lots of peoples, all they thinks about is getting more and more and more of your worlds things and they's got to realise that they's got to want the things from the Spirit, not the things on the earth plane. We always says thats it's all right for you to have the things of the Earth 'cause that's part of the life upon the earth plane todays, but you's also got to have the things of the Spirit. There's more and more people that's beginning to understand that.

What we's got to do, from the Spirit World, is to influence the leaders and the peoples that, ooh, what you calls them, the big manufactures, ooh, that's a long word, but we's got to influence them so that they begins to thinks about what they's doings.

Ooh! There's lots of blackness in your world and the blackness is because there's so many peoples that's making the money from the, what you calls it, the armaments; from the bullets and the bombs, and all the things that's not very nice. What you's got to do, when you sends your prayers, you's got to pray, not only for the peoples that's using the weapons but for the people that's supplying them because that's one of the reasons for all the troubles in your world. They covers it all up with all sorts of, what you calls them, the good words. They speaks about nationalism and they says that their peoples got to have the freedom. But the peoples got the have the freedom from the fear, from the wars, from all the things that's very, very dark.

The whole of your world, there's all the things that you thinks about and you sends your prayers for: for the animals and for the trees and flowers, for all the things of the Nature and you sends your prayers for the peoples that's being shot at and for the peoples that's being bombed and the peoples that's suffering from starvation. But you's got to send your prayers 'specially for those that's in charge of them. The peoples that's suffering, they's not able to do very much. It's the peoples that's ..ooh!.. I's not know the words.. but they's makes the money out of all the troubles. They's the people that you's got to pray for so that they begins to see what they's doing and they begins to understand and then they will makes the difference.

It will not be any good for the, what you calls it, the Messiah to come because the peoples that's making the money will not listen and it's very, very difficult in your world for those that controls the money to forget some of their greed and their selfishness and to try to work for the good of the world. They's the people that you's got to pray for and send out your love to so that they begins to understand what they's doings.

We's told you that there would be changes in your world and we told you that there would be the darkness before the dawn. You's got to go through that darkness before you get to the dawn and the dawn will come and then there will be lots more contact between your world and the Spirit World. You follow? (Yes)

Oh! I's giving quite a sermon aren't I? That's the most important thing that you sends your love to the peoples that's responsible for all the troubles that's in your world.

But always remember that there's lots and lots of peoples in your world that's think the same as you do. There's lots of people that's got the good in them and they's trying to make the goods arounds them. There's, ooh, what you calls it, the hope in your world - we says there's lots and lots of lights in your world - but the lights sometimes makes the blackness seem more black. You follow? (Yes) So you's got to try to spread the light all over the world. And we wants to puts the lights in the very, very dark places and then there will be the better state of your world. It will never be perfect, you knows that, but it will be very much better and that is what we wants you to do; that is what we ask you to do. That's what we says.

You comes into the love from the Spirit; we wants you to take it and spread it out and to send out special love to all the peoples that's doing the wrong things. We always says.. Huh! My Medi says that the other helpers, when they comes, they says the same thing - that you's got to have the love for the bad as well as the good. Remember that the bad will always have to be changed into the good and you can help by sending your love to those peoples.

We would have said the same when you had your war when you sends out the thoughts of hate towards the man Hitler, but you should have been sending him love because that's the most important thing. It's better than the hate; it's more powerfull than the hate. So you sends your loves to all the peoples that's making the money from the guns and bombs, and all the other things that's happening in your world.

We's very happy to be with you in your Circle and we likes to comes and links with you and we knows that there's lots and lots of your helpers and your loved ones that comes to the Circle as well. They all sends their loves to you and you sends your loves to them. We wants to says that we's helping in the health condition (Margaret's husband has recently come out of hospital after an operation) and we's doing what we can to makes things a bit brighter for you.

Oh! They tells me that my time is up so I's got to goes so I will just says goodnight. Oh, it's not night! Goodbye. No, it's not goodbye! We does not want to says that so we just says God bless you all. God bless you and God bless all the peoples that's linked to you from the other side and on your side so God bless you.

The Circle had sat for many years in the evening but now it is nearly 5pm. Lilly does not seem to notice the change in the time of day.

The discussion that Lilly refered to that we had been having was regarding some of the speakers, who came when just Margaret and Mary sat together, were saying that the "Messiah" was already on the Earth and he would reveal himself soon and it would be on all the T.V. programs and in all the Newspapers over the whole world. If you read "The Embodiment of Love" you will find that Sathya Sai Baba makes similar claims.

I myself feel a little uneasy about this kind of thing and feel it is a bit like the people who walk around with plackards saying "The end of the World is nigh". I will just wait and see. J.H.H. August 1992.