Not as Black as It's Painted

A conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 25th of May 1993

I'm glad I'm ables to comes again and says hellos to yous all.

We knows that you's had, ooh's, what you calls it, a very, very difficult time 'cause you's all been down in the dumps, we knows. We's able to sees it all around you. Now we's comes through and we wants to tells you that you's got to cheer up. It will not makes any difference if you's down in the dumps or if you's up in the air 'cause the things that's happening all around you, they will goes on happening whatever you are. If you worries too much about the things that you cannot alter then you will attract to yourself all the darkness that there is. You's got to remember that you's got to makes all the things that you wants; you's got to make them happens.

We knows that there's lots of troubles in your world but it's not the first time that there's been the troubles and it will not be the last time; there will always be the things that, sometimes they goes rights and sometimes they goes wrongs. What you's got to do is, what you calls it, take one day at a time and knows that you gets through one day and the next day that comes along might be completely different. If you gets what you can with a smile and not try to takes all the things upon your own shoulders then you will find that the world will seem to yous a better place. At the present time, we knows, there's so many peoples in your world that they's all down in the dumps and they makes the, what you calls it, the atmosphere, they makes that all blacks and darks, and it's not all the darks, there's lots of lights. There's lots of fun and there's lots of happiness in your world but you's got to look for it and you's got to try to makes it in your own lives; that's what we wants to tells you. We do not want you to worry about the things that's comings along because, ooh, some of the things that comes, you thinks that they comes and they do not, and other things they just comes upon you like the, ooh, likes the thunderbolt; they just comes with a bang and then you's got the make the best of them. But you knows 'cause, not only me, but lots of the other people that comes to speaks to yous, they tells you that this life on the earth plane is a school, you knows that; we's just saying all the things again. And it's one of the things that you's got to take to heart and do your best that you can and not to worry too much; worry never does anything. Ha, ha! My Medi says it's easy to say that but the worry is always there. But you's got to look upon the bright sides of the things; of the lifes on the earth plane.

You know that you's chosen the way that you's going and what you's got to do; nobody else chose it. Nobody told you that you's got to do this and you's got to do that; it was what you wanted. Sometimes it seems as though it's too difficult for yous but you's always got to remember that you's not on your own; that there's the help coming to you from the Spirit World.

It's not use sending out your prayers if you don't remember that they's got the power and they's going to do things. You cannot always see the whole of the events, how they affects the peoples on the earth plane and you thinks they's going to be very, very bad. But, quite often, they's not so bad as you think and even when everything seems so very dark for you there will be the beam of light coming throughs and that will help you on your ways.

You goes into you garden when it's dark and you looks up at the skies and you sees all the stars and you sees the moon and you gets a sense thats there is the Spirit with yous when you's on your own like that. The Spirit will help you to do the things that you's got to do on the earth plane. I'm getting a bit muddled up but that's the things that they tells me to tell you.

I wants to says to the gentleman (that's me) that he's reading the things and some of them he does not understand but you's got to reads them because there will be the bits that you can understand and the bits that you can't understand you puts on one side and know that they will, what you calls it, make sense to yous later on, you follow? (Yes) But you do not wants to puts everything that's happens in your lifes into the black and white. You wants to remember that you's got the 'magination, you's got the mind, you's got the brain, you's got the power to thinks about the things and to put them as you wants them, not what somebody else says but what yous knows. You's beginnings to get the idea of all the things that's going together to make up the whole of the skeins that's all around you. You follow? (Yes, thank you.)

And for the little girl (Mary may be little but she's no girl) we wants to tells her that we's doing our best to make the atmosphere better for her and we want's to smooth it down a bit; it's been a bit upsy-daisey, we knows, and we wants to says to yous that you's got your knowledge and you's got your links with Spirit and nothing will alter that; they will always be with you! (Yes, that's right) We wants you to look for the bright side that's comings along. So that's what we wants to tells you. (Thank you)

And then we comes to the lady. We wants to tells her that we knows that it's very, very difficult at times but we wants to tells you that you's doing very well and we knows what you goes through 'cause we sees it from our sides and we wants to give you such a lot of love comings to yous from your gentleman on the other side. (Thank you) You knows that so when it comes very dark you pushes it on one side and you sends out the thought to your gentleman and he will links up with you. So that's what we wants to says. (Margaret's husband had passed on six months earlier)

There will be the changes coming, we knows, but we want you to knows that the changes will be for the better even though they seem to be for the worst at first. They will have benefit for yous all, they tells me. (Here there was a long pause as if Lilly was listening to the others who are with her on the other side. I felt that she could not understand what they were saying to her and, eventually, she said) No, I's not knows that!

There was somebody called Pat who wants to sends her love to the Circle. I not knows who she is but she's just saying Pat sends her love to the Circle. (We all said "Thank you Pat") Oh! My Medi saw her. She was sitting between my Medi and the gentleman. (I enquired if this was a little while ago) She says she likes to looks into the Circle from time to time and she says that my Medi saw her and gave you her love. So she's now saying she's Pat and she sends her love to the Circle.

I think that's all I can say at the moment so I will just says goodbye and God bless you all and God helps you in your pathway and when it seems to very, very black then you will know that the little bits of light seem very, very bright. You follow?

So we says goodbye and God bless you.

Note: Margaret's husband is now a regular communicator in "The Little Circle" which continues to meet every week on a Tuesday afternoon. Just three of us sit for an hour and talk to Spirit through Mary. This Circle is very private.

Lucy had seem a young girl "pull a chair up" into the Circle in the place where Lilly described some weeks previously and we know that there are many who come and visit us from the other side when we meet.