A Happy Christmas From Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 13th of December 1993

Hello's everybody.

It's nice to come into the Circle again and says hello's to all of you. We knows it's not a nice time at the moment although it should be as you's all thinking about Christmas yet you have, what you calls it, all the things going wrong and things thats you's been trying to do you's not been able to do. There's what you calls a fog; it's like the dark but it's not the dark and you's been trying to gets through it and trying to push it away. That's what I feels you's been trying to do. You's not managed it very well because there's still lots of the darkness, the fog, what you calls it, arounds you. ("Atmosphere" suggested Margaret) Yes, atmosphere, that word sounds right, atmosphere, huumph. But we's very glad that we's able to come to the Circle and we wants to say's yous will have the nice Christmas and there will be the, oh, what's it, the gentleman he will be very close to yous at Christmas. (Lilly talking about Margaret's husband) You knows that and you's got to realise that you's got to be patient and you's got to look for him and you will be able to sees him. Sometimes you do hear him a little bit but you's not always thinks that that's what you really does. You follow? You will be able to hears him what he says to yous. (Margaret replied that that would be wonderful)

For the little lady (Mary) we wants to says to yous thank you very much for what you's been doing; sometimes you gets very down in the dumps but we wants to tells you thats you's been doing the things in the right way and even though somebody's been telling you that you's wrong you knows that you's not wrong and you's been doing the things right. You follow? ("Yes" said Mary) We wants to says to you that you's got to carry on as you's been doings and sending out the thoughts and the prayers. You knows that your helpers will be there with you and they will do their best to shield you from the nasty things that's been said behind your back. You follow? ("Yes" said Mary) And we wants to says to yous that you will get lovely surprise at Christmas. That's what they tells me to tells you; and it will be a very, very good surprise and you will be very, very pleased.

We comes to the gentleman (myself) and we wants to says to you that we knows that you's, oh, what you calls it, that you's working with your heads in the clouds. You's, oh, what they wants to says is that you's delvings into the things on the edge of the Spirit, but they's not in the centre of the Spirit. You follow? ("I understand" I replied) And we wants to says that you finds them very interesting but they's not all that important in your life. You follow? We knows that, what you calls it, the circumstances, they's not very good round you and we knows that you wants to gets away from them in whats you's trying to learn. So as long as yous realise that they's on the edge, they's not the middle. You follow? (Yes I said) We's got a gentleman from Spirit who wants to come to you and says that he does help you when you's playing (piano/organ) and when you's trying to writes and he will be there very close to you. They's telling me that you know that he's there and you feels him but you do always thinks that what you feels is right so we wants to says to you that it is right and he is there with you and he helps you both with your playing and with your writing. That's what he says.

It's funny being back in the Circle again. It's funny because I knows thats it's long times but it seems very short to me. You follow? ("Our times are completely different" said Margaret) But we wants to say to each of you that you will have the nice Christmas and they says you's got to be careful not to eat too much and not to drink too much; Ha, ha, they's laughing about it because they says that sometimes you thinks that that's the main thing about Christmas is a feast but it's not and you knows that. We wants you to have the time, a little time, to sends to the Spirit people asking them that they will helps the peoples on the earth plane. There's lots of peoples, there's lots of souls, on the earth plane that need peace, love and prayers and help; that's what you can gives them with your thoughts. They (the others who are with her on the Spirit side) wants me to says that each of you will be getting a present that you didn't expect and it will be something that will mean a lot to you. ("We look foreword to that Lilly" said Margaret)

They's just saying that they's going to makes a difference in your world when the peoples get together and when they starts really talking and it's, ooh, what you calls it, uphill work because there is so much unhappiness and so much hatred and so much bitterness in your world and that's what you's got to trys to does. But if you sends out your love and your prayers they will have a little bit of effect. You thinks of it as rubbing out a little bit of the blackness and putting the star instead of the blackness. Yes, that sounds right.

So we wants to give you our love and we wants to says to each of you a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

That's funny, I's not always likes coming through; I likes talking to yous but it's, ooh, what you calls the fog; it's not very nice. But, any rate, we wants to says God bless you all; God bless you.

On the way to the Circle Lucy and I had been talking about something in an Edgar Cayce book which I had been reading. Lilly was right in saying that I read books in order to give myself something to think about so that I could escape from circumstances that were around me at the time. There are quite of lot of things in books which are on the fringe of Spiritual Philosophy and one can get quite confused if you believe everything that you read.