An Introduction to Lilly

Comments by the Transcriber.

Lilly was born in Naples around 1900 and died of a plague when she was six years old. Her mother died of the plague before her. Lilly and her brother just wandered about until they also died.

If you read all the Conversations with Lilly you will notice that she sometimes mentions her Earth life. She talks about a "funny cart" with no horse pulling it also an air balloon. In one talk she speaks about coming back to live another life on the Earth in England; also about her brother coming back to India.

When I started to copy out these Conversations with Lilly, as I have called them, I had to decide whether to put what she said into plain English or just leave it using her words.

As the work was started I realised that to change the way Lilly spoke would not be fair to her, so I have tried to keep, as much as possible, to what she did say. On occasions, where she got very "mix muddled up" I have tidied it up a little.

Lucy said, after reading some of the talks which Lilly gave, "You've got her about right".

I should also mention, on behalf of Lilly, that she has grown up in the World of Spirit but, due to certain conditions, when she links in with the Earth's "atmosphere" she is forced to manifest the condition which she was in when she died. That is as a six year old child. This seems to normal as if the person 'remembers' how they were on the earth.

I did notice that if you could get her talking to you, it was some years before we realized that we could hold a two way conversation with her, she became less childish in her speaking. But, unfortunately, there were not many occasions after we realised that it was possible to develop a two way conversation before we could do something with it. It was actually a visitor to the Circle who interrupted her while she was speaking one evening that we found this out; we had just been content to listen to what she had to say and nobody questioned it.

The visitor may have been used to talking to the communicators in other circles. This is possibly one reason for moving from one Circle, or Group, to another. What you learn in one you take with you.

The reason for including these Conversations with Lilly is simply that she talked about things that the other speakers did not. She often confided in us what was happening on the Spirit Side. She told us about the 'Big Circle' that they had built around our Little Circle and how people came to just sit and listen and sometimes came down amongst us to join in. She also said that there was 'only one side' referring to us calling the Spirit World the 'Other Side'.

Whether you can accept what she said or not is up to you; but it all makes sense to me.

John Hardaker.