Peace and Progress

The Principle of Love

Recorded in the Circle during June, 1989

Peace be with you.

Life on the earth plane is difficult. Life, when you pass the barrier called death, is also not easy. You leave behind you your physical being but, in taking on the mantle of your spiritual soul, so you become aware of the things that are within you that need altering, that need developing, that need changing. But you get the satisfaction from making the adjustments that are necessary.

While you are on the earth plane if you achieve something that is difficult then you feel a sense of satisfaction; you feel that you have achieved something. Even though achieving one thing will lead to others being put in front of you, yet you will find that there is satisfaction in the work. No one on the earth plane is perfect. You are all learning, you are all travelling a pathway that is of your own choosing.

Our message to you is quite simple. It is to assure you that if you will apply the Principle of Love to everything that you do while you are here, on the Earth, then you will be able to achieve what you came to do, and you will find that when you come to the end of your physical being and take up, once again, your Spiritual Pathway then the lessons that you have learned on Earth will be of enormous assistance to you. Do not think that leaving the body behind is going to give you a time of absolute peace because peace has to be worked for. Peace is the sense of, as we said, when you have achieved: when you have taken a further step along the road, when you have passed a particular milestone.

One of the tenets in your religion (Spiritualism) says "Eternal progress is open to every Soul". But eternal progress means dealing with the obstacles, with the difficulties, with the situations of varying complexity. It does not mean sitting back and just allowing yourself to be swept along as though you were on a river with a steady current. You will find that you have got to work when you come to Spirit, although it will be work of a different nature from what you have been doing on the Earth plane. Do not be afraid of what life on earth has to give you because, when you come over to our side of life, you will find that the lessons you have learned on Earth will be valuable to you; will give you a start along the further road of progress.

Of course you will have times when you will be able to relax, even as you have times on the Earth plane when you can look round at the beauty of your world and begin to feel that you are a part of it; that everything that has life is also a part of you, even as you are a part of it. There are many things that will be revealed to you once you have cast your body aside but, while you are in a body, you have got to use that body and use the circumstances that face you in order to develop and grow.

We started our little talk with the words Peace be unto You. Peace that comes after toil, Peace that is an interlude, Peace that gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best; that you have dealt with whatever circumstance it was that you had to strive for; the feeling that you have done something worth while. If you have made mistakes - and everyone on the Earth plane will have done so - then those mistakes must be corrected. If you can correct them while you are in a physical body then you will have a sense of peace. Look forward! Remember that the lessons of the past are stepping stones to the progress of the future.

You have accepted the challenge of knowing about the eternity of life and of knowing something of the reality of Spirit. The challenge of being different from so many of the Earth children who have only one thought in their minds and that thought is connected with their earthly life. Of course you have got to use the circumstances of your Earth life because they are the building bricks that you will make your edifice with. But the time will come when you say good-bye to the things of Earth, at any rate for a certain length of time, and step over the border that you call death.

So, once again, we say to you Peace be with You..