Old As The Hills

I can see my pathway

We waited for the person who had linked with Lucy to speak. Was it Sister of Mercy or Brother Bernard? It couldn't be Lilly because Lucy was standing up and Lilly always came to speak to us with Lucy sitting down. It was quite some time before a tired, slow, old voice started to speak.

"I am old! Old almost as the hills. I was old when I was on the earth plane and I have not yet been able to throw off the weight of my earth years, there are still many shadows round me. It is not good to live too long in an earth body because when you come to Spirit it takes so much more time to get back to your youth.

When I was in your world I had no thought for what lay in the future. I lived my life upon the earth plane, as you would term it, to the full and now I have left those things behind and come into Spirit seeking, hoping, wondering.

I have been given permission to come to your Circle, not because I can tell you anything that would be of help to you, but in order that I may once more feel what it is like to be in a body, although the one which I occupy now is different from that which I had when I was, as you term it, alive.

I was so tired when I came to Spirit and it is taking a long while for me to get over that tiredness. I can see the Light. I can see the pathway which lies before me and I can see those whom I loved and left the Earth before I did. But at the moment I am content to wait, as you would term it, in a hospital.

You do not immediately lose all your earthly cares, worries, aches and pains when you come to Spirit. Often, as in my case, there is a time necessary to adjust. I suppose I am what you would term a young soul, even though I was very old when I died.

They told me when I came here that it would be difficult to forget and difficult to remember my life before I came to an earth body, but I have got to work through it because I know it is only by enduring and being patient that I shall make the progress necessary to unite me with those I loved and lost on the Earth.

My helpers tell me that I am not, what you would term, a 'rescue case'. It is just that I need more time than others in order to adjust.

You are very fortunate by being able to know your position on the earth plane and your future position in Spirit. I turned my back on all that when I was in the body. I was not bad in the sense in which you understand it, I was ignorant and proud of my ignorance. But now I know that if I had paid attention to what was told to me that I would have recovered much more quickly than I am doing.

Your earth plane, it is in a state is it not? And yet you know that there is light, there is goodness, there is love; there is the makings of a new world. If you know about the evil upon Earth you also know about the good. Make the most of your time on Earth learning about things of the Spirit and practising what you learn.

I am so tired; but it has helped me to be able to speak to you. I do not want your prayers, I just want your love (that you have) and your hope that I shall soon be able to leave the tiredness behind and go out into the fields where my loved ones wait for me.

It is strange and yet it is so familiar. I see from my bed in the hospital the fields and the sunshine and I know that one day, soon, I shall be able to go out.

Thank you for listening to me".

One of the ladies present said "God bless you, Love will light your way". We expected Lucy to say something herself - she often said how she felt while the speaker was talking - but she did not move. Then a calm and gentle voice spoke which was quite different to the gentleman's that had spoken before.

"Thank you for listening to my brother. He has been in Spirit a short while but to him it seems very long. He will not be long in the hospital, as he calls it. Because he can see he will progress. It is so much easier for you to come to Spirit when you know something about the Spirit World. When you know something about the reason for your being on Earth; when you look beyond the things of Earth and see the things of the Spirit. When you have love in your hearts and share it, not only with those on the earth plane, but with those in Spirit.

There are many people (in spirit) who come to your Circle, both to help you and to receive help.

Once more we say thank you for the work that you are doing. Thank you for the light which you send out. May it always shine brightly both on the earth plane and in the Spirit world.

Goodnight my friends and God bless you all.