Follow Your Pathway

An Unknown Speaker

A blessing upon you and your Circle and for those who link to you, both on your side of life and on ours.

When you have this blessing you will find your pathway a little easier. Don't be afraid! Try not to worry. Remember that your guardians are with you and they are trying to make you strong and wise in order to cope with your pathway. You have chosen that and you have to follow it. I know there is great difficulty sometimes because you do not trust yourself. You must remember that your Spirit, being a part of God, is all powerful.

If you look at your lives you will find how much you have been guided and helped. Of course we do not make your decisions for you; that is part of your work upon Earth. Do not be afraid of making mistakes because through them you will learn.

It is important that you develop yourselves both psychically and spiritually, always knowing that your pathway on Earth is important to you; the essence of you; the spirit or soul, whatever you like to term it.

Never let the circumstances of your lives over depress you. You are children of God and, as children of God, you have a right to ask for help from the Spirit World.

Once again we say God bless you. Keep smiling and you will find that if you smile it will bring you joy, even if you do not feel like it at the beginning.