Building Your Home In Spirit

A Short Talk By Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle May 1989

God bless you my children.

It is indeed a privilege and a pleasure to come into your Circle once again and, as usual, we bring a blessing upon each one of you, and upon those with whom you are linked on the earth plane.

There is much in the future that will be complicated and you will find it difficult at times to reconcile what you know with what you see all around you. Remember that you are privileged because you have this knowledge of the continuity of life and of the purpose for which you are working on the earth plane. It is indeed difficult for you at times to keep to the straight and narrow, as you term it. So often there are many distractions in your busy earthly lives that it seems as though you have very little time to link up with Spirit. We want to assure you that every thought that you give towards Spirit, even though it is only a fleeting thought of someone that you love who has passed to the other side of life, is registered. It has importance in our way of looking at things.

You know that while you are on the earth plane you are building a home for yourself on the other side of life. A home of thought. A home that develops as you develop. A home that will be a base for you to work from when you leave your body behind. If you have difficulties. If you can face them and overcome them. If you can give your love and your help where it is needed on the earth plane then each deed that you do, each thought that you send out, each loving word that you speak will add to the beauty of your home on our side of life.

You will not have an easy passage on the Earth we know, but then you didn't choose an easy passage. The wiser you; the part of you that is Spirit saw the circumstances of life unfolding from the other side before you came to the Earth.

You chose the pathway that you are following. You chose the difficulties, you chose the failures. You chose the things that make you sad and the things that give you joy - not in detail, because the detail is what you build into it yourself as you go through life. The broad outlines of your lives on Earth are determined before you come; before you reach into the world of matter and take on a body of matter.

Do not be despondent if you feel that you are not achieving the greatest that you can manage. Do not worry unduly if you have ideals that seem impossible to reach on the earth plane. Remember that you are human, and you have a human body, and that body is subject to the laws of humanity, the laws of heredity, the laws of your environment. As you go through life on the earth plane so you will find again and again that your body cannot respond as well as you would like to your Spirit. That is part of your job here; your job on the earth plane.

Do remember as you go through life to give encouragement to those who are weaker than yourselves. To give love to those who seem to fall by the wayside; to those who commit the crimes that you detest. Be humble always; acknowledging the fact that you are, what you would term, old souls. You have had previous contacts with Earth and this is just one more contact; one more stage of your evolution and when you finally leave your body behind do not have undue regrets for what you have missed in life. Look upon it as experience. Accept the episodes as they come along. Deal with them to the best of your ability knowing that, at the end, what will count will be how you have developed your Spirit; your Soul.

We leave you with our blessing, giving each one of you the assurance that you are beloved on the earth plane and in Spirit. Each one of you has your band of helpers who come and help you through the difficulties of life. Not smoothing the way for you; not telling you what you should do or what you shouldn't; but just giving you the strength to bear the obstacles and to overcome them.

Goodnight and God bless you all.