Further Truth & Understanding

Some thoughts from Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 12th of May 1992

We come to give you a word of encouragement and of hope.

We know you are beginning to reach out for things of the Spirit and you are beginning to understand something of the similarities and the differences that there are between your world and ours. Each one of you has got your pathway to tread on the earth plane and the difficulties that you have to face with regards to your health are a temporary thing that has affected your Earth life. But, in Spirit, you have perfect health and you do not have to worry about it as you are worrying at the present time.

As we come into your Circle we bring, as usual, a blessing from those in Spirit who are working with you and we want to say to you this afternoon that you will find that further truth is open to you and you will have further understanding of the Spirit World and of how it affects your earth plane.

There is not very much that we can add to your present knowledge but just to assure you that you are on the right road and it is up to each one of you to explore; to reach out to Spirit in the way that you feel you need. After all you know so much and, compared with the majority of the people with whom you come into contact, you know so much and now is the time to put your knowledge into practice. Try to pass on to those whom you meet the truth about the immortality of the human soul.

Of course, as we have said before, the World of Spirit is a world of thought and as you think, so it is.

Although you are limited by your bodies, by the material things around you, yet within your soul you can reach out to Spirit and you can contact the wisdom that there is there ready for you. It would not do for you to know everything; to know all the links you make with Spirit because you have got to lead your lives upon Earth. But we want to assure you that you can acquire any amount of knowledge without it affecting your life on the earth plane.

The World of Spirit is all around you and those who are closest to you, not necessarily on links of relationship, but more on links of friendship, of similarity of ideas, they are just a handclasp away.

Remember that everything that comes to you from Spirit can be translated into action on your earth plane and truth, as you see it, can be passed on to those who are closest to you. You may have to disguise it a little; you may have to be very wise in the words that you use; but always the underlying fact of Spirit being universal will be there ready for you to pass on.

We know the difficulties that you face. We know that each of you has got people close to you who will not accept the words that come from Spirit and yet we say to you: try to lead your lives, on the earth plane, so that you can show what a difference this knowledge, this truth, has made to you. Accept the obstacles that stand in your pathway; do your best to overcome them but do not despair if you cannot shift them completely.

Whether you have failures in your life or whether you have successes they are all a part of your development, of your progress in the things of the Spirit while you are in the body of Earth.

As we close we do say once again: thank you for meeting in your Circle; thank you for the thoughts that you send out; thank you for the love that you share, not only with those from Spirit, but with all humanity. Thank you for your thoughts of behalf of the animal kingdom; on behalf of nature as a whole. Do what you can, when you can, as you can, and do not be cast down because you cannot do more. If you do the best that is what is important and that is what we ask of you.

So we leave you a blessing that comes to you from those you love on the other side of life: from your Helpers and your Guides; and a blessing that comes from the Higher Realms to each one of you.