Leaving Your Body Behind

A short talk by Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 9th of June 1992

Good afternoon.

It is indeed with joy that we come into your Circle once again bringing with us, as usual, a blessing from those in Spirit. Bringing also with us a promise that your particular Circle will carry on with the work that it is doing; helping those from our side of life who are in the grey places, as you term them; those who do not know where they are; who do not see any direction; who are so tied by their Earth condition that they do not realise that they have passed the barrier that you call death and have stepped forward into the new life. But each of them is able to see your light to some extent and, by coming to your Circle, then we are able to make ourselves known to them.

You have been wondering why it is that in the books on your earth plane about the after-life, as you term it, there are still the conventions of Earth. But you have to realise, as we have said many times before, that time, as you understand it, does not exist in Spirit and if we think of a thing, if we think of a condition, then that condition, that thing, is there at the moment that we think of it. And those who come to Spirit from Earth are so tied by their Earth limitations, so wrapped up in their religion while they were on the earth plane, they bring that with them when they come. And if they have never given a thought to what the Spirit World is really like, if they have still got the idea of angels with white wings and God the father sitting in a throne surrounded by his worshipping people, they will not see the Spirit World as it really is.

Of course you know that it is a matter of, what you term, vibrations. The Spirit World is all around you, functioning in a similar way to your earth plane, to the world of matter, but on a much faster vibration. The Spirit World is not only encircling your particular Earth, but throughout the heavens, as you understand them. You have learned so much in your science about the waves and about the laws of nature, as you term them. You have got to understand that there are laws in Spirit, and those laws work in a similar way to those on the earth plane but at a very much higher vibration.

It is difficult for us because when we come into Earth to a certain extent we are limited by the atmosphere (conditions) of Earth. We come and take possession of a human brain and therefore we are limited by the thoughts in that brain so we cannot really tell you what life in Spirit is like, except to assure you that what you expect you will get. Your ideas, however nebulous they are, will be translated into a matter that will seem to you to be as solid as that upon the earth plane.

When you come down to the basics of your science you are told that the atom consists of energy and that it is the particles - the particles of anything on the earth plane that is solid. When they are analyzed to the utmost degree then you realise that there is nothing that is solid. You are conditioned, while you are in a body of matter, by the physical; by the things that you can touch, by your everyday lives. And that is right you should be limited by them, but that will not stop your mind carrying on further and looking into the World of Spirit because you know that it is all around you.

From time to time we step into a body to speak with you but that body has got to be conditioned; it has got to be ready to accept us, to accept the thoughts that we put into it. And those thoughts get translated by the brain of the person that we choose, but also the person who has chosen us. [ I am not sure if Sister of Mercy means the Medium or a more advanced Soul on a higher level who is linking with the communicator.] There should be free communication between you, on the earth plane, and us, in Spirit.

When you leave your body behind you can be as great as you wish, or you can be as small as you wish. You can be any age, as you understand age in the earth plane, or you can be pure spirit. You can adopt an outward appearance so that you can see your fellow spirits; those who come over with you and those who come to meet you. Or you can transcend them and just go forward as pure thought. It makes no difference; you are spirit whether you cloth it in a physical body of matter, whether you enthrone it in a shroud of Spirit matter or whether you leave all that behind and just go forward as thought.

Each one of you has come to the earth plane in order that you may lead the life that you choose in order that you can progress spiritually; in order that you may develop your understanding. You have always got to remember that that spirit that is within you will have an effect upon every other soul with whom you come into contact whether they are on the earth plane, as you are, or whether they have gone to Spirit, or whether they have never known the physical body and you meet them in your sleep state.

One of the most difficult things that we find is to express things of Spirit in words that you can understand. But we want to give you the assurance that it is love that binds us together; those from Spirit and those on the earth plane. We want you to share that love with the people that you meet. To give it out in thoughts of healing and in your prayers for other people. In your love for the World of Nature, the World of Matter in which you find yourselves.

There are very many things that you cannot understand while you are limited by your body of Earth. We can only tell you that one day you will know the whole truth. But then, what is truth? Truth is what you see at the moment of your existence; at the stage of your progress. And what you see as truth today you may not see it as truth tomorrow. You leave behind certain ideas; certain things that you thought were absolutely fundamental to your spiritual progress, but you will find that there are further things that come along, further stages that you have to go through; further understanding.

We come to you, from time to time, to give you encouragement and to assure you that there is love coming to you from Spirit. Love that can manifest itself in one particular individual but love that also comes from the Great Body of those who have gone on and progressed a little further down the road. All we can say is the simple message that we have given so often to ask you to make the best of your path upon Earth, looking upon it as a lesson that you have got to learn. Knowing that when you finally leave your body behind it will be the lessons that you have learnt on the earth plane that you will take with you into your new spirit body and your new spirit world.

So we say to each one of you God bless you, whatever you think God to be; and that would encompass everything.