Darkness And Sunlight

Some words from Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 2nd of June, 1992

We are pleased to come into your Circle once again and we bring with us a blessing, as usual, from those who are gathered with you on the other side of life. You cannot see them but you feel their presence with you and you know that when you hold these little Circles it is as though you are lighting a candle which is shining out into the darkness.

At this time of year, your year, the earth seems full of light. The sun shines, the daylight comes into your rooms and because it is the part of the year that you call summer you feel so much better; you feel that life is worth while. Then there is another time which comes and skies are grey; you cannot see the sun and it depresses you, but, of course, you know, and you don't really need me to tell you, that that is life as it is; with it's darkness and it's sunlight.

But, on the other side of life, there are numerous worlds, numerous states of existence, and many of them would seem to you to be very black and some would seem to be very light; but they make up life as well, even as life on the earth plane.

Spirit is what you make it; is what you think it.

You are often told that the Spirit World is a world of thought; that time does not exist, as you understand it, and so, as we come down, and we call it coming down because we have to tone down our vibrations to come into your Earth existence, we bring with us something of the Light of Spirit and we try to shine it, not only into your Circle, but out into the darkness that is around from the Spirit World.

You know that you have an important work to do because by meeting like this, even though you might just feel that you are just linking up with your spiritual friends and helpers, with your loved ones; yet you are doing more. You are helping those who come over to our side of life without any idea of where they are or what they are doing. And because they have no idea they see everything as dark.

You are very fortunate because you have so much idea of Spirit by your reading, by listening to the talks that come to you from the other side, by mixing with the people on the earth plane, by putting your ideas into words, by sending our your prayers and your thoughts for those, not only those in your world but those who have passed on into Spirit. You are creating light for yourselves. We can use this light and we do use it.

Sometimes you may think that you are not doing very much for Spirit but if you could only see the results of your labours, not only when you are in Circle or when you are meditating, but during your sleep state.

Because you have knowledge, because you have links with Spirit, so you are able to work while you are asleep - while your physical body is asleep -because your soul does not need sleep.

You can help such a lot by taking joy in the simple things of your Earth life: by being happy, by looking for happiness, by looking for the good that is in other people, by giving our thoughts of love to the whole of creation. Those words that were read from Sai Baba do visualise something of the love of Spirit; a love that can be felt and a love that can be shared with all the myriad forms of life upon your earth plane.

At present there will be a gathering of influential people on your earth plane trying to see some solutions to the problems of civilization; the problems that face your world. We want you to help in that respect by sending out your thoughts, your prayers. Praying that those on the earth plane who have such influence will acknowledge the help that they get from Spirit.

You do not have to be a Spiritualist, as such, to have a Guide, a Helper, because everyone on the earth plane has got links with Spirit whether they accept them or whether they do not; it makes no difference. Those bonds are there between the life on Earth and the life in Spirit. So send out your thoughts to those who are meeting to try to get some solutions to Earth's problems. (Sister of Mercy is referring to the Summit in Rhio)

We do not often make prophesies but we want to assure you that because so many people on Earth are beginning to realise the importance of the World of Nature so there will be an underground working out of links between man and the world that he inhabits.

You have been told so often that your Earth is moving and we want to assure you that we, from Spirit, are doing our best to make possible the ideas that there are in the thoughts of so many of your Earth people. We want you to work in harmony with Nature. We want you to feel your kinship, as Sai Baba said, not only with the animal kingdom, not only with your fellow men and women, but with everything that has life, because that life is a part of God.

We leave you giving you our blessing and our thanks for the help that you give; some of it consciously, some of it unconsciously, but you are giving help to Spirit.

God Bless you.

I had been reading the book about Sathya Sai Baba called "The Embodiment of Love". Pages 92 and 93 from the section called "The Practice of Oneness". Regarding the Summit talks in Rio, America caused a stir by refusing to sign the treaty saying it would cost to many jobs. John Hardaker. June 1992.

There was just an inch of tape left when the recorder was switched off.