Love Will Prevail

A talk given by Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 30th of June, 1992.

Good afternoon.

We are pleased to come into your Circle once more and we bring with us a blessing from those on the other side of life who you call your friends and your helpers. As you sit in your Circle week by week so you are sending out thoughts of love to the whole of creation. You may think that because you are just one person, one little group, that you cannot do anything to help and yet every thought, every prayer, that comes from the world of man can be used by those in Spirit.

You know, because we have told you before, that the World of Spirit is so close to yours; you know that it is a world of waves, a world of vibrations, although we do not like that word very much; but it is a world that is very, very near to you and when you are in trouble and you send out your thoughts then there is always somebody close to you who will answer your prayer.

Of course you know that life on the earth plane is so conditioned by the circumstances around you that it is very difficult for you to realise how much of a spirit you are. You get glimpses from time to time in your sleep state and sometimes you bring them back as vague dreams, vague memories. But you know that it would not do for you to remember completely the life that you lead while your physical body is asleep when you are functioning in your spirit body. If you could see all that is around you from Spirit you would find it very difficult to lead your life upon Earth as it must be led; accepting the responsibilities, accepting the burdens, accepting the sorrows as well as the joys of the life on Earth.

It is difficult for you to visualise what your life will be when you finally leave you body. We have tried to tell you from time to time that, once you step aside from the material world and step into the world of Spirit you are really coming home because the spiritual side of you is at home in the world of Spirit.

You chose the life that you lead on Earth and it is through tackling all the problems that there are that you will grow and develop. When you come to the end of your time upon Earth then you will look back and see how much you have achieved of what you set out to do when you first made contact with the world of matter. It is useless to wish things could have happened differently, it is useless to look back and repine thinking that you have made the wrong choice or you took the wrong pathway. You have got to accept the difficulties of Earth, the failures and the disappointments, knowing that all of them are working to make the advancement of your spirit.

When you leave Earth behind you leave behind a memory but you also leave behind the cares and the worries of life on Earth.

Each one of you, as you go through your pathway, will have had an effect upon those whom you meet, whether they are close you to or whether they are just people that you meet casually, because nothing that you do is ever insignificant. You may think it is just by accident that you come across people who respond to you; you may think it is an accident that you meet people who seem to be in complete antipathy to you, but accidents do not happen upon Earth, they are all part and parcel of your learning; the lessons that you have got to accept. You will not succeed in everything that you try but it is the trying that is important, not the succeeding.

Each one of you has come into Spiritualism for a purpose. Each one of you is a messenger from Spirit trying to show to others that this life, the life on Earth, is not the beginning or the end; it is just one phase of your progress. Nothing that has life can ever be destroyed and everything upon your earth plane has life.

When you come over to our side of life you will begin to understand. You will not see everything immediately; you will not see your whole life suddenly unfolding itself before you; you will see it as it is necessary for you. As you progress so you will see more and more. Remember it is not only the tragedies of your lives that are important, it is the joys as well.

We come, from time to time, in order that we can encourage you; in order that we can make you understand that, while you have to cope with the things of Earth, while you are in an Earth body, yet you also have the infinite happiness of knowing that it is not the most important thing in your whole existence.

At the moment your thoughts are naturally a little sad but things are necessary, not just for your progress but for the progress of those who are suffering. All that we can ask you to do is to send out your love; to do whatever practical jobs there are that you can turn you hand to, and no one on the earth plane is completely helpless, and no one can ever say that there is nothing that they can do.

It doesn't matter to Spirit whether you are the most famous medium that there ever was or whether you are just a humble person living your life to the best of your ability. If you send out your love, if you let your character develop, if you let your soul grow, then, when you do come to the end of your time upon Earth you will find that you have made progress spiritually.

We come to you because we come with love because we want to help. We want to give you our blessing and we want to assure you that whatever happens upon Earth eventually it will grow and develop and the Spirit of Love will prevail throughout the whole world.

You cannot see it at this moment in time but the fact that there are so many people who are beginning to understand; the fact that knowledge is beginning to spread; the fact that the links with Spirit are beginning to be made throughout the length and breadth of your world; they all go well for the future.

So, when the darkness comes upon you realise that it is temporary and that behind the darkness there is always the light, and that the darkness is like a cloud that will disappear and leave behind it a blue sky.

May we give you our love and our blessing and urge you to do whatever lies to your hand, not worrying whether it is much or whether it is little, just sending out love and doing your daily tasks with love.

As we leave you we do say God bless each one of you and God bless your loved ones. May you have the links with Spirit clear in your mind and may you perform your tasks upon Earth to the best of your ability; you cannot do more.


At the time of this Circle meeting Hughe, Margaret's husband, was in hospital waiting for an operation. This could be what the speaker was referring to when they said "At the moment your thoughts are naturally a little sad ...".