Closer Links With Spirit

Some words from Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 24th of August 1992

It is with joy that we come, once again, to your Circle bringing with us a blessing from the other side for each one of you.

As we were travelling through the ether, as you term it, lowering our vibrations in order to make contact with Earth, we were aware of the many problems that are facing your world today. We thought of those words that were said by the master "Consider the Lilies of the field.." and we thought that if only mankind could get back to the feeling of kinship with Nature; if only he could forget, for a time, the crowded state of his world and commune with Nature: with the flowers, with the birds, with the trees. How much simpler life would be for all mankind. And yet we know that that would not be possible because the knowledge that has been gained over the centuries can never be forgotten, can never be put on one side.

There have been changes in your world of many different forms. The whole standard of your lives has been different from those of your forbears, even as the lives of your children will be different from yours. We feel that we want to say, once again, that man will begin to link up with Spirit in a much closer way in the future than has been possible in the past.

You are beginning to see a revolution taking place among the thinking of your younger generation and you will find that, as the years go past, increasingly they will step on one side from the progress that you think you have made.

You have been talking about the changes that are likely to take place and we have to remind you that change can only take place when people are ready to accept it. You do not like what you see of the world around you but you must remember that you are only allowed to see what the media, as you term it, allows you to see. You cannot tell what is going on underneath.

You have been told again and again from Spirit that there will be a closer link between you world and ours and we want to repeat that. It is not possible to turn back the clock; it is not possible for man to ignore that trappings of civilization that are all around him because they have become a part of his life on Earth. We just want to point out to you that man's inner nature does not change and that, in the days that are to come, he will begin to realise his spirituality; he will begin to understand the closeness of the Spirit World that envelopes your world.

Progress, as you term it, will always take place but man has got to come to a realisation that his life upon this earth plane is finite; is just a brief interlude in his existence, a class, a lesson that he has got to learn and, in learning it, he will find that he has got spirit and that he has a close liaison with Spirit.

There are many of us from the other side of life who come to the earth plane in order to impress; in order to give you something of what we have learned. When man begins to realise that the more goods he possesses, the more money he has, the advantages that he seems to have, that these do not matter to his spirit; these do not satisfy him. Then he will begin to come to a realisation that the world of Spirit is more important than anything in the world of matter.

Of course, as you go through your daily lives, you are surrounded by so many distractions, by so much unrest, by so much haste. Man will find in the days that lie ahead that he can live his life at a slower pace; that he can have religion as his gain; that he can learn, once more, that he is a child of God, a child of Spirit. Do not be despondent about your earth plane as the present time because this is just a phase that is has to go through and when man has got to the other side of this particular chain of circumstances then there will the closer links of which we have spoken so often. All we can ask each one of the children of Earth is to live their lives to the full; to take advantage of all the opportunities that are open to them; opportunities in the world of matter and opportunities in the world of Spirit.

Man has got free will; he can accept or he can reject and no spirit that is manifesting in a human body has the capability of seeing the future complete because it is always changing as man's thoughts change. (We had been discussing the prophesies of Nostradamus before the Circle began.)

We come to you, as we have said so often, bringing you love from the Spirit World, and it is love that will eventually find it's way through the materlialism that seems to be opressing your world. And through that love man will be able to develop spiritually as well as materially.

So we leave you with our blessing, thanking you for the love that you bring to this Circle, thanking you for the thoughts that you send out and be assured that each of those thoughts we can use; each of your prayers we can put to service.

Good-bye and God bless you all.