The Gospel of Spirit

Some words from Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 17th of November 1992

We are very pleased to come into your Circle once again bringing with us, as usual, a blessing from those on the other side of life and bringing with us a message of encouragement.

We have been roaming your world trying to see into the hearts of men and we are aware of the troubles that there are: of the disappointments, of the hopes that are raised and then dashed. It seems so difficult for men to come to an understanding that they can live together in peace and harmony, accepting that there are differences in their upbringing, differences in their religions, differences in the way that they do things. But they are no bar to a unity between mankind. Naturally, as you all know, there will never be a perfect Earth or a perfect life upon Earth, and, even though, as we have told you before, the Earth is due to rise in the scale and another world is being prepared to take it's place, yet for the future, as far as you can perceive it, there will be troubles among men. But there will also be encouragement.

There will be those with whom you will find a link. You will be able to send your thoughts and your prayers out to those in every country in your world whose aim is to better the lot of humanity in a material sense. Those who are willing to sacrifice something in order that others may benefit. It is difficult for you in these days because, we repeat, the news that you receive on all your media is ninety percent bad news and the good is relegated to the other ten percent. It is as though man does not want to be happy, he does not want to lead his life on Earth enjoying the things of life as they come, he wants to be sad, he wants to have something to grumble at, he wants to allow himself to be used by those from Spirit who have not gained knowledge and wisdom; those who are still close to the Earth plane because they have not realised, or if they have realised they do not want to change.

You, from your standpoint, can only see the darkness but from ours we can see the lights. We can see the groups, we can see the churches, we can see mankind, so many of them trying to bring about a better state of affairs; giving their love, giving their sympathy, giving their understanding to all those who come around them. The leaders of your various nations, some of them have the highest ideals and try to follow them, others have let their ideals slip and have fallen prey to the feeling that they cannot change, that they cannot bring about the betterment of life as they would like and so they are content to drift along. It is up to you who call yourselves Spiritualists, who know about the life eternal, to take your part in the preaching the gospel according to your own stand point.

You sometimes wonder whether Spirit can alter things upon Earth so that life is easier for many; that is not our province. Mankind comes to Earth knowing the circumstances of what lies in front of him, and all that Spirit can do is to try to show him how to cope, how to deal with the problems that he faces, reminding him always that he is Spirit although imprisoned in a physical body.

You realise your privileges. You know that you are able to work for Spirit by your thoughts and your prayers, by speaking out when you can, by preaching your own gospel of life. The Gospel of Spirit.

We leave you with our blessing. A blessing upon each one of you, upon your homes, and all those with whom you come into contact, and we ask for a blessing upon your World that it will see things more clearly, that war will be relegated to the past and that differences will be settled with an agreement that everyone has something of the truth. Everyone, whatever label they give to themselves, are still Spirit working through a physical body to develop.