Just One Little Incident

A talk by Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 26th of January 1993

It is with joy that we come into your Circle once again giving you our blessing as always and assuring you that those you love on the other side of life are not very far from you and they to join in saying to you God Speed.

As we come into your world at the present time we are very mindful of the dark clouds that surround it, of the difficulties that are facing so many people, but we are also aware that through the darkness there are lights, they may flicker from time to time and yet together they make a bright steady light that illumins some of your dark places, that gives you hope.

We who come from the other side of life, as we step into your world, as we feel the dark vibrations that come from so many people, it is of course very difficult for us to make contact. Yet there have been other dark periods in your Earth's history. Everything that you are facing today in your world has been faced in more or less the same perspective in other times and in other places, in other periods of your Earth's history. You have been told so often from Spirit that the time is coming when there will be more contact between your world and ours and it is our mission to reenforce that promise. To assure you that although the way may seem very dark to you at the present time yet there are streaks of light. There is hope; there is the purpose for which your world was intended: why it was created, why the pattern of life has existed on your earth plane and has developed through the centuries.

It is very difficult for Earth people to appreciate the imperminance of time. Eternity can encompassed in the flash of an instant and yet a moment can be prolonged into a period that you would judge to be thousands of years.

You have often been told that time, as you know it, does not exist in the Spirit World. It is very difficult for you to appreciate that fact when everything around you on the earth plane reminds you of earth time. Your scientists are just beginning to realise that there is more to matter than what can be felt and handled and measured. They are beginning to understand something of the power of Spirit, although they will give it very many different names, but it is the Spirit that is permeating your matter. My medium heard something the other day that made her think and I would pass it on to you and that is if all the space between all the molecules in a person's body was to disappear then the matter that was left could be put on the head of a pin and there would still be plenty of room over. [It would still weigh the same though! J.H.]

We cannot put what we know into words that you would understand because we are limited (in coming to Earth) by the thoughts that come from mankind; by the limitations of the human brain. All we can do is assure you of the truth and the reality of Spirit, and ask you to make the most of your lives upon Earth. Ask you to do whatever comes to your hand in service, in love, to your fellow men and women knowing that in giving service to them you are giving service to the Great Spirit.

There will be many discoveries in the future. Some of them in your lifetimes. But if you just set your hearts and your minds in living each day, praying that you can be of help to some other soul, whether it is a soul upon Earth or a soul in the Spirtit World, you will have done your part. And when you come to the end of your time here and you can look back upon the whole of your life you will be able to see that you have made progress. However dissolutioned you may feel yourselves to be, however many dissapointments there may be, yet there will also be the happiness; there will also be the delights. There will also be the knowledge that you have been of help to some other being.

We give you our love and pray that each one of you will be able to lift your hearts up to the Great Spirit, whatever you term it to be, knowing that life is everlasting and your time upon the earth plane is just one little incident in a whole line of incidents.

Goodbye and God bless you all.