There Is Joy And Happiness

An Unknown Speaker

Recorded in the Circle on the 2nd of March 1993

It is a privilege to come and speak with you for a short while.

We have been linking up with your thoughts and have been sending out our thoughts to your world.

We do not pretend that your world is a happy place at the present time. We know that events have caused you great depression; that there is sadness, and yet, at the same time, we know that there is joy, there is light, there is happiness.

As you come to the earth plane, bringing with you some of the memories of your past existences, so you find that you do not have an easy way to tread, and yet, as you have been told so many times before, if you have a hard way, if you have a difficult journey to travel, if you have to work and slave, then you should rejoice because it is because you are advanced in Spiritual progression; it is because you have a deeper understanding of the things of Spirit than certain others of your acquaintances, your friends, your families.

We often feel that, as we come from the Spirit World into your world of matter, so we bring with us our love, our comfort, and a certain amount of knowledge.

But we are limited on our side of life, even as you are on yours. We cannot do all that we would like to do. In some ways we are still groping for the truth but by linking up from time to time with Circles such as yours, by impinging on your lives, so we are able to extract from them some of the knowledge that we need.

We want you to feel that your work on the earth plane is two way. We want you to feel that your links with Spirit help you but we also want you to realise how much Spirit is helped by your thoughts, by your prayers, by your efforts.

As you go through life you will find over and over again that the lessons that you have to learn are not easy. They are not exciting; they are not adventurous. It is often the steady plodding from day to day; the little things that you can do to help others: thoughts that you send out, prayers that you make, words that you speak. To you they may seem very trivial and yet they do help.

When you come towards the end of your life upon Earth and you look back it will be impossible for you to see the whole pattern of your life. It is only when you get to our side and when you get a certain advancement in the Spirit World that you will be able to evaluate your lifetime upon Earth.

We appreciate what you do; the efforts that you make. And, as we come close to you, so we try to put ideas into your minds; to put words into you mouths; to make you realise that nothing on Earth, nothing that you do, is wasted.

You desire to help others; you have also got to be prepared to let others help you. Often that is far more difficult because you do not like to feel that you are dependant upon anybody. But every person on Earth is linked to every other person. Every aspect of life upon Earth has a link with every other aspect.

We do not expect you to understand why various events occur. You look about your world and you despair at times and yet we repeat what has been said to you by many other visitors from Spirit that there is light, there is hope, there is joy and happiness.

Each one of you has got a task to do upon Earth. To look for that joy, to look for the light, to share it with everyone you come into contact with. Do not be afraid. Do not despair. Remember what you learn is what you will take with you when you come to Spirit.

You cannot alter the main events upon Earth. You do not have the influence to effect the deeds that are taking place. All you can do is to send out your love, your understanding; acknowledging the Brotherhood of Man in it's essence.

As we return to Spirit so we give each one of you a blessing, praying that you will be able to cope with the events of life until your time upon Earth is finished and you can come to our side.

God bless you all.