Many Different Ways

An address from Brother Bernard

Recorded in the White Dove Centre on the 5th of May 1993

Good evening friends.

It is a pleasure to come and speak with you this evening to leave with you one or two ideas that might be of help to you. We do not come in order to teach what you should do or what you should not do. We do not come to remind you of what you believe or what you don't believe. We come in order that we may help you look into your own minds. To recall some of the things which you know and perhaps have forgotten. To give you one or two thoughts that might make you think.

You come into this world from the World of Spirit. You take upon yourself the body of flesh. You take upon yourself the heredity that has come down through your genes. You take upon yourself the ills of the world, and, as you go through life, so you collect, from time to time and from place to place, experiences that make you rejoice and some that will give you bitter heartache. And yet all of them are part of what you term "Life upon Earth".

Have you ever stopped to think why? Why it is that you are here? Why you have been born at this particular time? Why you have lived through these particular days? Why you have faced so many ills in your world? The main thing that we would bring to your attention is the fact that you have come to learn. You have not come here just to experience but through those experiences you have to learn to develop your souls, your spirits. To enhance your spirituality. And, because you have come into a religion which you call Spiritualism, so you have got to accept the fact that Spiritualism is not just a religion. It is not just a matter of coming to Church from time to time, of sitting in a Circle occasionally, of having sittings with Mediums and Clairvoyants. Spiritualism is a way of life - and the way of life that you have chosen! Nobody chose it for you. You made the decision to come at this particular time and the evils that you find in your world are the things that are necessary for you. And in the finding, in the doing, in the accepting what life has to offer, so you are developing your souls; you are building your characters; you are learning how to be humble and how to appreciate the good that is within other people.

There is no one upon the earth plane who is completely evil even as there is no one who is completely good. If they were completely evil there would be no point in their coming into a world that is such a mixture of good and ill. And if they were completely good then they do not need to learn from life. But you who sit in this church at this time are a mixture of both good and ill. Each one of you has come in order that you may learn something that will help you to achieve your ends in life. Whether those ends be material in your minds; whether they be spiritual, or whether they be a mixture of the two.

Everything that life has to offer is an experience for you. And if you go through life accepting everything that comes your way: trying to make the best of the circumstances that surround you, giving help where it is needed, giving an ear where it is required, giving healing to those who come to you with various aches and pains, giving sympathy to those who are suffering at this time. All of these things are life and they are experiences that you undertook to have; you undertook to go through.

We have said before, and we do not apologise for repeating it, that when you come to the end of your time upon Earth you will not go before a judgment seat. You will not find that your good and evil deeds are weighed in the balance. There will be no judge upon you except yourself! And it is as you progress in the Spirit World so you will find that the things that you did upon Earth will come back. Some of them you will regret, but many of them you will find that you rejoice in. Sometimes you remember the evil that you have done: the word that you forgot to say, the gossip that you passed on adding a little bit to it, the hatred you felt for someone, even if momentarily. But more often you will remember the good that you have done in your life: the love that you gave to those who came into your orbit, the sympathy and the understanding.

As you go through life we ask you to think of serving - serving your fellow men and women, because in doing that you are serving Spirit; you are serving God. If you can help then do so. If you find that the task is impossible for you then offer it in your prayers. Remember that prayers have power. They are not just idle words that you utter or that you think. They have power and they go out into the Spirit World. When you pray for others those prayers will be received and will be helped in the next world by those of us who have come to serve the earth plane.

There are many different ways that you can serve and it doesn't matter whether you serve by washing up, cleaning the floors, giving a lift to somebody, giving a helping hand, dropping a coin into a beggars bowl or sending a donation to charity. They are all part of service; part of helping you fellow men and women and remember they are all children of God even as you are. They have all got the Great Spirit within them even as It is within you and even as It is within the lowest creature that has life; because life is Spirit.

Your earth plane is just one of innumerable worlds varying in intensity, varying in place, varying in space. But each one of them is a world which is there for a purpose. You have chosen to come to Earth and we have chosen to come from time to time to see if we can help. We always give you our love and we take the love that comes from you and use it as best we can to help in your earth plane.

At the present time we know you say to yourselves "What has God done to the Earth?" "Why is there so much misery, fighting, devastation, disease and hunger. Plagues of nature and plagues of men?" But all these things are there for a purpose and that purpose is the development of your spirit.

As you are on the earth plane in a human body so you are a spirit; a part of God, and, when you leave your body behind and come over to our side of life, you will find that you link up sometimes with those whom you have loved on Earth; sometimes with those who have loved you from Spirit. Some of them you will recognise. Some of them you will remember from your sleep state although they are unknown to you while you are in the body. But wherever they are, whoever they are, you will find that they are kindred spirits to you. There you will be able to develop to the best of your knowledge; to the best of your understanding; and the things that you have learned while you are on the earth plane will be added to the knowledge that that group has.

Each one of you similar to a drop of water. It comes from a spring, it has experiences, it falls into a river and the river takes it down to the sea, and the knowledge that that drop of water has gained is spread first throughout the stream, then throughout the river and then throughout the sea.

Nothing that you learn on the earth plane, whether it be of good of ill, is wasted. It is all a part of your experience, a part of your growth. It is necessary for you to have periods when everything seems dark. It is necessary for you to have times when everything is bright; when there is laughter and happiness. You can learn through joy as well as sorrow. Never be afraid of what life has to offer you. Take it and make the most of it. Realise that it is a part of Earth and a part of Earth that will eventually go to Spirit. And, even as it is a part of you on Earth, so it will be part of you in Spirit, a part of the Group to which you belong, a part of the vastness of Spirit.

As we come speaking a few words to you we bring with us our love, our hope, our belief that each one of you will eventually find that your spirit is ready and willing to join up with Spirit on the other side of life.

So the message is quite simple: to take the things that the Earth has to offer, to use them, to make the best of them. To give your love to all who come into contact with you. Try not to hate. Try not to despair. Remember that underneath are the Everlasting Arms. A phrase, yes, but Spirit is there with each one of you; around you, above you, below you and within you.

God bless you all.

A few days earlier Lucy had celebrated her Eightieth Birthday
and realised she had been serving the Churches, and Spirit, for over fifty years.