Every Little Helps

A few words from Brother Bernard

Recorded in the Circle on the 21st of September 1993

Good afternoon my children.

It is with joy that we come into your midst to leave with you one or two thoughts that might be of help to you in your journey through life.

None of you have had, or will have, an easy path. Always there seems to be difficulties but may we repeat what we have said before on many occasions and that is that if you do have a difficult "row to hoe" it is because you are worthy of it; it is because you are able to cope. It would be no use giving you easy lessons because you would sail through them and you would learn nothing. It is by tackling the big things in life, the big disasters; by dealing with the awkward people that you meet; by facing up to whatever life has to offer you; it is by continually drudging along, perhaps treading the same pathway day after day.

Quite often you find that when you come up against a massive problem; when you have to cope with something that strains every muscle of your body, every beat of your heart and every thought that is in your mind, then you find that you are given the strength to cope. But often it seems as though the little problems of everyday life, the pin pricks, it seems as though they are more difficult to cope with than the big disasters.

Each one of you has had a "row to hoe" that has had some easy parts and some difficult parts, but it is how you have tackled it, how you have coped with the petty problems of everyday life, that has determined how your soul has developed while you are here.

We were listening to the conversation that you were having on the way here (Lucy and I) speaking about people who have no belief in re-incarnation; people who have no idea of how to cope with life, who knew very little about the philosophy of Spiritualism. You have got to remember that there are those who are behind you, as it were, in learning the things of Spirit, and those who are ahead of you. This little group that you were talking about are very limited in their outlook and yet they have some very good qualities. They have great physical power that they are trying to use and they are motivated by the same things that motivate you all and that is the willingness to help. Because their ideas are different from yours do not condemn. Just regard them as being younger brethren who are learning and, because their outlook on life is so limited, they cannot take the breadth of thought that you have got. We often think that your religion could be so simple and yet you make it so hard! Just send your thoughts out to them that they may see the limitations of their thoughts and that they may begin to widen their horizons.

There is room in Spirit, in the communication between the two worlds, for many different facets of thought, of prayer, of understanding. Sometimes you will find that you will be riding, as you would term it, on the crest of a wave; that everything seems suddenly bright to you; that you can understand so much, and then another time you seem to be bogged down - bogged down in the business of your everyday lives - bogged down with the circumstances that are around you. But, remember, however busy you are; however many tasks you have to do; however many miles you have to plod; with your mind you can reach out to Spirit and you can go on in unlimited aspirations, unlimited thoughts, unlimited communication with Spirit.

Every person on the earth plane has their own particular Guides, Helpers - name it what you will - but they have someone with them from the time they enter into a physical body to the time when they leave it. Your church would call it a Guardian Angel. You speak of them as being your "doorkeeper", your particular "helper"; but whoever it is remember that there is someone there, close to you, trying to help.

We speak to our little friend there (Mary).

We know that you have got the physical pain; the physical cross to bear. But you have been given such gifts that should raise your mind above it. You should be thankful for the links that you can make - that you have made - with Spirit. Know that you have got a band with you who will take care of you; who will help you.

We come because we love you. We come because we want to help and it is the same spirit that animates us that animates you when you want to help others.

For our lady there. (Margaret)

You have had a cross to bear that you didn't expect but your faith is carrying you through; is carrying you along. And you will never lose that faith. The link that you have made is still there; is still as strong even though the physical is missing; yet that link will be with you to the end.

Each one of you, sitting in a little circle. (just the four of us) You may think "What does it matter; what can you do?" The mere fact that you hold this circle; that you send out your love to those on the other side of life; those on our side who are still wandering in the darkness. That will help you and it helps them.

So we leave with you our blessing and our love knowing that this particular instrument (Lucy) is just the mouthpiece of a group. They are still there even though at times she may doubt yet, when we can, we come through in order to reassure her, and you, that you are truly linking with Spirit.

Goodnight and God bless you all.

There would be occasions when the speaker would address individual members of the Circle offering them advice and comfort regarding their personal lives.