Everyone Comes To Spirit

An address by Brother Bernard

Recorded in the White Dove Centre on the 6th of October 1993

Good evening friends. It is with joy that we come into your midst just to speak with you for a short while and to leave you with one or two ideas that might be of help to you in the coming days. You have been listening to an account from someone who passed over and who didn't realise where they were or what had happened immediately.

When you have gone through life leaning always to the orthodox religion; saying your prayers in the orthodox manner; listening to orthodox addresses; you have very few ideas of what it is like when you come to Spirit. But, as you have found, you have come to a realisation that this life, the life on Earth, is just a part of your existence; that you are eternal souls; that you have immortality. The point that we want to bring out first is the fact that immortality means that you were before you came to Earth; even as you will be when you leave it.

Why do you come? Why do you leave the Realms of Spirit that you are told so often are marvelous and wonderful, where everything is lovely, and come into a physical body. To be born, probably in pain, to suffer through your childhood from the various illnesses that children go through; to take up your place in the world; having to work for your living at something or another. If you are fortunate to get a job that really suits you - something that you can feel at home in - then you are indeed fortunate. But for so many work is something to be endured and you really live when you finish your work and go home.

As you come to adulthood so you find that you have responsibilities. You cannot live to yourself alone; you cannot immure yourself in an ivory castle. You find that you make contacts with people. You find that you have experiences of one kind or another - some of them can be very joyous - some of them can make you feel glad and happy with a belief that God is in his heaven and all is right with the world. And then you come a little further along life's pathway and you meet perhaps with disappointments, with bereavement, with loneliness. With the aches of pains of old age, and life for a while seems to be very, very black and you begin to despair and wonder why.

The main thing that you have got to remind yourself of is that you are spirit; a part of the Great Spirit. That within your body there is that which you term your soul, or your spirit. It is the thinking, the loving, the learning, the caring part of you that is a part of Spirit.

Perhaps you gradually become aware that Spirit is not only in you it is in everything that has life. There is Spirit in the flowers that delight you with their colours and perfumes. There is Spirit in the animal kingdom; there is Spirit in the trees; Spirit in the insects; Spirit in the fish.

Everything that has life is part of the Great Spirit and everything has come into a body of flesh, a body of matter, in order that they can learn; in order that they may develop their spirituality. In order that they may rub off some of the corners. And when they leave their body behind, whatever that body is, then they take with them into the next world the lessons that they have learned in your world of matter.

Of course you will find that you will have difficulties. Of course you find that you have periods of joy. They are all a part of life on the earth plane and a part that has a part to play in your progression, in your evolution.

Mankind upon the Earth has just a short while to exist but from the very dawn of history mankind has realised that there has been more than that which he could see, feel and touch. And from the very earliest days of man beginning to become civilized so he has worshiped. First of all the spirits that were in nature around him: the beauty of the sunset; the marvels of the hills; the sea; trees; animals; all these things he accepted as being a part of Spirit. He couldn't put it into words as you can put it into words but he felt instinctively from the very beginning that there was something more to life.

You can go back in your history as back as you can trace the history of mankind and in the very earliest explanations you will find that there are temples; places of worship. Gradually, down through the centuries, man began to acquire different things and the things of the body seemed to matter so much to him and it became more and more difficult for man to realise the spirit that there was around him because he was bogged down by the things of matter.

Today, in your world, so many people worship material things. They think the secret of success is to have: a larger car, a bigger house; to have more worldly goods than somebody else; to be cleverer than other people; to have more education; to have a better job and so on. But they are only the trappings for your spirit. It is the development of your spirit, your soul, that is important and you develop that through the experiences that you have. Through your religion. Through the help that you get from Spirit and the love that you give to Spirit.

There are many different forms of religion upon your earth plane and the adherents of one or the other think that they have got the only truth that there is - but all truth is the same. It is just looking at things from a slightly different angle.

We would give you just one example that has come to my medium from the other side years ago.

Consider two people coming to the earth plane from the planet, say Jupiter, and they take the form of man or a woman upon Earth and they come down to see exactly what life on the earth plane is. One of them lands in the north of Canada among the Eskimos and the second lands in the middle of New York and, if there is a third one, he will land in the middle of the Pigmies in the African jungle. For a month they live the life of the people around them and at the end of that time they will go back to their own world and there they will say what life on the earth plane is like. Can you imagine it? A world such as Jupiter that is so much vaster than the Earth; that takes so much longer to go round the sun; a world completely different from Earth? And they bring back to it their ideas. One will say that it is a world of snow, ice and bitter cold. Another will say that it is a bustling, busy world with so much noise and racket with everybody about their business with no time to do anything. And the third will come back with a vision of life in the jungle; life at a primitive level as we would term it.

They would be laughed at, wouldn't they? Would they be believed?

Well, that is the situation that you find yourselves in on the earth plane today. So many different people; different ideas; different beliefs; different forms of worship; but all of them are children of God. All of them have got Spirit within them and whatever their belief; whatever their creed; whatever way they worship; they are worshipping God even as you are.

We preach tolerance; understanding; love. There is an old Chinese proverb that you probably know that says that you cannot tell how another person walks until you have walked a mile in his shoes. You cannot understand why there should be so much dissension between different peoples. You find it difficult why neighbours can life next door to one another but because one is a Catholic and the other one is a Protestant their children must not mingle. You cannot understand how it is that in a little country like Yugoslavia there is so much trouble and unrest; so much bitterness and so much hatred. You are all people! You are all in a body so that you can learn! And every person on the earth plane; every soul is walking in a body; is still a part of Spirit. To put it in your terms, is still your brother or your sister.

We come back from time to time from the other side, as you term it, in order that we can ask you to love your neighbour, and that doesn't just mean someone who thinks just as you do; it means everyone in your world. If you cannot see their point of view then accept it. Realise that they are on a different pathway from you; that they will all eventually come to Spirit; they will all be inhabitants of our world and they will all be given the same opportunities to develop spiritually.

Spiritualism, as you term it, is your religion. And it should be your password to life; it should not just be kept for Sunday services or weekday services; for your circles. It should be a part of your life! And the essence of Spiritualism is asking you to love. Love does not mean that you are blind to other people's faults and failings but it means that you can accept them and try not to judge. Give your love to all the people that you meet whatever they may be and whatever they may be doing. We do not ask you to condone crime but we do ask you to love the criminal; to look beyond the outward signs and realise that within that body there is a soul. Someday all those souls will be Spirit and someday every part of Spirit that is manifesting upon Earth will be manifesting in another world.

Spiritualism is very simple! It just means that you accept the fact that you are immortal; that this life is just a part of your existence. And when you leave it you will take with you the experiences; you will take the love that you have generated; you will take the knowledge that you have gained and they will be what will go on in the Spirit World.

We leave you with our blessing praying that each one of you will feel the love that comes to you from Spirit and you will share that love with every soul upon Earth.

Goodnight and God bless you.