Just A Few Ideas

An address given by Brother Bernard

Recorded in the White Dove Centre on the 27th of October 1993

We give you a greeting and we say how pleased we are to be here with you once again to talk over with you a few of the ideas that you may have that may seem to be rather muddling. Things, perhaps, that you do not completely understand. And so, as we come to you from the other side of life we bring with us our love and we pray that each one of you may hear something that will be of help to you in your journey through life.

Perhaps the most important thing that we would emphasise to you is that what is truth to one person is not truth to another. You cannot think for your brothers; you cannot try to push your own idea of truth upon somebody else. All you can do is to try to open the eyes of your fellow men and women to the truth as they see it; the truth that is within them.

As you know, because we have told you on several occasions, and you have heard it from countless other instruments, that each one of you is a part of God; that within you there is a part of Spirit and that part, which is functioning in a human body, is just a part of something greater.

You have probably heard people on the earth plane speak about the Group Soul. And each one of you, whether you know it or not, or whether you accept it or not, is a part of something greater. May we put it to you in a form of parable.

Supposing that you took a glass of water out of a pond and then you scattered that glass of water in numerous drops watering the ground, spreading it on the flowers, sending it out into the air. And each drop of that water is in a different environment, meets with different circumstances, sees different things and understands different things. And then the drops are gathered together and first they are put in the glass again and each drop brings with it the experiences that it has had and the drops mingle, and you cannot tell which is a separate drop and which isn't! But the experiences of one become the experiences of the whole glass and the glass is poured into the stream and again it mingles with the water of the stream and the experiences are spread further and further and as they are spread so they gather to themselves the experiences of all the other glasses of water in that stream. And the stream flows on and comes into the river and again the same thing happens and eventually the river finds it's way to the sea and, once more, the experiences that it has had are spread throughout the whole of the sea.

In a similar way so that it the development of Spirit. It starts of as a drop, a single atom of life, that goes through the experiences of Earth and then, when the time comes, leaves the earth plane and goes on into Spirit and for a time, as you term time, it will still be an individual. It will still have it's memories of it's time upon the earth plane but eventually it will merge with it's group and become a group soul. And so the process goes on until eventually at some time, so far in the future that you cannot visualise it, it becomes a part of the Great Spirit again bringing with it all the experiences of life, all the development it has had, and that life goes on and links up with other worlds. The life that has gone on in numerous planets throughout your universe, and your universe will link up with other universes.

We find it difficult to put things into words that you can understand because, as you have probably been told many times there is no such thing as finite time in the Spirit World. We who come to speak to you - we choose one particular person to speak through - it is because we are a group that we come and give you the benefit of what we have learned and try to help you during your live upon Earth. But time, as you understand it, does not exist in Spirit and one of the things that it most difficult for you upon the earth plane to appreciate is how the future, the past and the present merge together.

There are lots of ways can try to direct your attention to the things that are important to you upon Earth. They are not necessarily the things that will be important to you once you come to the Spirit World but they, at the moment, are things that you must concentrate on. It is easy for you to send your thoughts out into the world of Spirit and if you feel the presence of the Angels, as you term them; the spirits around you. If you realise that there are more things than you can ever touch or feel or see then you will understand that Spirit is very close to you. And yet, at the same time, it is very distant.

During the period of Earth's history there have many been many, many movements, as you term them; different forms of religion. But always man has had the idea that there is more to life and that which he could see and touch and hear. In the earliest civilisations that you archaeologists have discovered they have always found places that have been reserved for Spirit. There has always been the yearning in mankind to reach out to something beyond him.

In the first days of his civilisation he thought that Spirit dwelt in the mountains and in the sunset; in the moon and the stars; in the trees and the streams; in the seas. But throughout history man has always had the feeling deep within him that the life of the earth plane was just temporary and there was something more beyond when he had left his physical body behind.

Your scientists have been trying in vain to find the spirit within man. They have used all manner of dissection and suggestion trying to discover what it is that makes man different from the animal kingdom. But they cannot find it because it is Spirit. There is a portion of that same spirit in everything that has life upon Earth and every thing is in a stage of evolution. Evolving into something higher; something greater; something more complete.

You are privileged because you live in a country where you are able to worship in the way that you feel. Because you have freedom to say what you think and whatever mankind can say about your religion it will not alter what you know in your heart is right.

Do not be despairing of Earth! We know the difficulties that face you. We know the calamities that seem to be happening in your world. But we still say to you that there is links between you and Spirit; links between Mankind and the Spirit World! And those links will get ever stronger!

When we look down at your earth plane from the Spirit World we see the clouds of darkness that there are in various corners of the world but we also see the lights. Lights that come from groups such as this. Lights that come from the churches of the world. Lights that come from men and women who have the power to think; who have the power to lift themselves above their everyday conditions, and have the power to link up with Spirit.

We do not want you to go through life with your head in the clouds, forgetting about the things of Earth. After all, the circumstances in which you find yourself are the tools with which you are shaping your souls, your spirits; that part of you which is a part of God. That is a term which is used on so many occasions and everyone has a different idea of what God is. But it doesn't matter whether you worship Him as a person or an idea; whether you call him Father or whether you call Him the Great First Cause; the Principle behind everything.

We cannot give a better explanation because we are still on a journey towards perfection; a journey towards Spirituality. And part of the task which we have set ourselves is to help mankind where we can not by telling you to do this or that or the other; not by giving you advice upon your earthly problems but by trying to cultivate within you the knowledge of Spirit and the intelligence that you have got. Intelligence that is not just a matter of learning by rote but is a question of taking a subject, thinking about it, pondering on it, trying to fit it into your everyday life and, at the same time, realising that because you are spirit you have got the power to translate whatever comes to you into something that will help you on your pathway.

Life on Earth is made up of so many different patterns. There is the sorrow and the joy; there is the happiness that you find in your ordinary things of life and there is the sadness over the things that you cannot alter. Remember, whatever the circumstances they are temporary; they are a part life on earth; a part of matter; a part that you will leave behind when you finish with your body and come over into Spirit.

May we give you a little bit more of our philosophy. A knowledge that when you do leave your body behind and come into the Spirit World you do not come into the presence of a great judge. You do not find a bench waiting to pass judgement upon you; the only judge will be yourself! When you look back upon your life and see all the various strands that have gone to make it. See the links which you have made with one another; the links which you have made with Spirit; the links which you have made with those who are coming after you.

When you see all your actions; when you see the results of them then you will realise that the things that you thought were so dreadful when you were upon the Earth were just episodes; just little things that needed to be endured; needed to be lived through to go to the making of your spirit, of your soul.

There are many, many souls upon Earth. There are many different forms of life; many different forms of Spirit; many different ideas; many different hopes and fears. But each one of you eventually, some day, some time, will find yourself upon the pathway that will eventually lead to union with God, with the Great Spirit, with the Eternal Understanding.

Perhaps we can help you! Perhaps we can give you one or two ideas that might be of use to you in your journey through life but always remember that the circumstances of your life on Earth; the responsibilities that you take here; the things that you have to do; the people that you meet; the families that you belong to; all of them have a part to play in your development. Spirit is with you; is in you; is all round you. But Spirit is of no use to you if you completely ignore your earthly responsibilities.

Do what you can with the circumstances that you have got remembering always that the most potent force upon Earth and in the Spirit Realms is the force of Love. Love that will not accept blindly everything that is given to it; that will not close it's eyes to faults in other people but will realise that they are all a part of life on Earth.

So we will leave you now hoping that you will be able to discuss what we have said and, perhaps, find something that will be of assistance to you in your journey to the Realms of Spirit.

God bless you all.