Touch & Go

An address given by Brother Bernard

Recorded in the Cowley Church, Oxford, on the 6th of October, 1988

Throughout this address there was an intense storm and the heavy rain rattling on the tin roof of the church made it very difficult to hear what Brother Bernard was saying, but he soldiered on in a louder voice than usual ignoring the weather. I placed the tape recorder as close as I could to pick up what he was saying.

Good evening friends.

As we come through the darkness into your earth plane we want to bring with us a shaft of light: a light that will rest upon each one of you; that will illumine your pathway; that will show you the dark places; a light that will enable you to reach forward and make progress on your pathway through Earth.

You listened to those words from our brother in Spirit, (the reading may have been from Silver Birch) speaking about the pathway of life; speaking about the obstacles that you find and the rewards that you gain; speaking about the difficulties and the opportunities that there are. There are many things in your pathway that you do not understand and often you will find yourself saying "Why? Why should this happen to me? Why should I have to face this particular difficulty, this particular disaster? Why?"

One of the mysteries of your life on the earth plane is the links which you find you have with children who come to the earth plane and sometimes pass on before they even touch it. Other times they might be born and then pass back to Spirit leaving the people who had cared for them, their mothers and fathers and the rest of their families, desolate. And again you find yourself saying "Why?". Why has this child just touched Earth? It has had no lessons to learn; it can have no experiences of Earth and there seems to be no reason why. But you have to remember that every soul that comes to the earth plane does not come completely alone. You do not come and live in isolation. You touch others as you journey through your life upon Earth. And those children who just touch Earth and then go have had an effect upon their parents, upon the doctors and the nurses who have cared for them. You cannot tell what effect their passing has had.

You have got to understand that everything that happens upon Earth happens for a purpose and that purpose is for the development of the individual soul.

The purpose of life can be found in happiness; it can be found in an even tenor to your existence; it can be found in a happy family life but it can also be found in the bitterness, in the sorrow, in the obstacles and the difficulties that you encounter and no one who lives a normal life span upon earth can go through this experience without having both joy and sorrow, both tragedy and triumph. The end result will be a blossoming of the character within. That part of you that you term the soul or the spirit; the part of you which is eternal and will go on living after you have finished with you body even as it was living before it came into the world of matter.

During your lifetime, particularly those of you who have been on the earth plane for many years, you will come up against people of all different nationalities, of all different standards, of different creeds, of different ideologies. But in each one that you meet you will find, if you look, that there is the spark of God, there is the spirit within, there is the great power, the great force.

We do not ask you to give up in despair. If you find that your life is more difficult than other people's then it is because you need that experience; because there are lessons that have to be learned that you can learn through your meetings with other people; through your dealings with them. Through the love which you display and the patience that you show.

We have often said that the big events of your lives are able to be met quite often with a rising of your courage. It is the little everyday things of life that are more difficult: the pinpricks, the petty annoyances; just the ordinary things that happen each day.

When you are given a task to do: if it is a great job, a difficult job, then you find that you have the strength from somewhere to carry it through. But it is far more difficult to cope with the everyday, mundane, tasks of your lives.

You world is made up of so many different facets; so many different aspects of Spirit. Remember, that where there is life there is God. God lying within each one of you and within everything that has breath; everything that has life upon your Earth plane and upon the planes of the other planets that are scattered through your Universe.

We often smile when we hear your scientists say that such and such a planet could not possibly sustain life because it does not have the oxygen, the carbon dioxide and the nitrogen that you atmosphere has. Over and over again we feel a sense of pity when we read the works of your scientific writers, science fiction writers you call them, who invariably think that if there is life on other worlds it must be hostile to your own. What a foolish sentiment! Of course there is life on other planets. Life in different forms, in different aspects from your own, but it is still a part of the Great Spirit even as you are.

Life on some of the planets is far more advanced than you are and instead of coming to destroy you they come to help.

You have got to look wider; you have got to learn to set your sights on a higher goal. You have got to realise that because you are spirit you can do things that almost seem to be impossible.

Those of you who are becoming Mediums, working for the union of Spirit with matter, trying to open other people's eyes to the immortality of the soul, you have chosen a responsibility and in discharging that responsibility you will find that you attain an inner serenity. If you do the work of Spirit: whether it be in a big way, whether you name appears in headlines, or whether you just work in your church making cups of tea, doing the cleaning and the dusting, welcoming people at the door, or whether you are just in your own homes perhaps giving a thought to your neighbours who may be elderly and on their own. Small things; but they are just as important as the big things in life.

You have got to get a proper respect for yourself. You have got to say to yourself that you are a child of God; that you are a part of Spirit; that you have the Spirit within you; the Spirit that is God. If you realise that then you will hold your head higher; then you will be able to face your fellow men and women and pass on to them the news that you have found that life on the earth plane is not the be all and the end all of existence. That you are immortal; that you are Spirit.

We have often said that the secret of life, whether it be on the earth plane or on any of the other planets, the other worlds in the other universes; the one Great Law is the Law of Love. Simple isn't it? Love your neighbour; love your enemy; love the world; love yourself. Send out thoughts of love to all those you meet and you will find that when you do leave your body behind; when you do come into the Spirit World; when you see those who have passed on before you, that bond of love will link you all on the pathway to God.

Goodnight my friends and God bless you all.