Responsibilities of Earth

A few words from Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle during 1986

Good evening my friends.

One of the important things in life is to understand that you come to the earth plane for the experience; you come to have the satisfaction of dealing in a body of matter with the things of matter. It is important to realise that while you are on the earth plane you have got to live the earth life; you have to experience as much as you can of the different circumstances of Earth. It is a good thing to have your mind set upon spiritual matters, providing that you take your responsibilities of Earth seriously, realising that they are the most important things for you at the present time.

We want you to be a balanced people. We want you to enjoy your life upon Earth. To look for the good there is around you and for the beauty there is in nature. To look for the love and companionship of others. To look for the good in other people instead of the bad. At the same time we want you to devote a short portion of each day to the things of the spirit.

You, who are Spiritualists, have knowledge that other people have no idea of. You are privileged to be able to link up with Spirit even if you are not aware of all that comes to you from Spirit. There are many things in life that you have to undertake that you do not feel happy about, but you must remember that because they are of the Earth, as you are of the Earth, they have got to be done. You cannot go through life on Earth trying to live in a Spirit world, you have to live in the earthly condition dealing with earthly affairs.

You know the reality of Spirit life and the certainty that when you are finished with your body you will go forward into another existence leaving behind the tools with which you have shaped your character, with which you have developed your personality. You understand in many previous lives you had experiences, some of them you may remember vaguely, one or two of them may stand out clearly in your mind, but others seem to have gone. However, they are still there, they are still within you, the lessons which you have learned in previous lives.

When you come to our side of life then you will see for yourself the impressions that you have made and the development that you achieved while you have been on the earth plane. You will see the physical conditions that you have come through and you will see the state of your spirituality.

Remember you came to Earth of your own free will, you accepted the limitations of your life upon Earth of your own free will. In facing these difficulties and overcoming the various obstacles that are in your pathway, in learning to get on with other people, in making bonds of friendship and love with people on the earth plane. These are all developing your character and are all part of what you came to Earth to do.

It is impossible for you to live in an Earth body and achieve victories the whole way through your life. You are bound to have failures at times, you are bound to slip from the ideals which you have in your mind, you are bound to commit sins, if you like to call them that, of various things. This is due to the limitations of your earth body and your earth mind. It does not matter if you fail or fall short of what you had hoped to achieve if you can pick yourself up again and carry on, learning from the mistakes you have made. If you do wrong to other people you will have an opportunity to set it right, if not in this world, then when you come to ours.

Life on the earth is not easy, it never has been and it never will be, but during the time that you are here we want you to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. We want you to show to others love, sympathy and concern. We do not want you to condone evil. We want you to realise that every negative has a positive and every positive has a negative. It is the union of the two that will make up the whole. Take your journey through life doing what you can each day to spread a little happiness among the people with whom you come into contact. Look upon life as being a school in which your soul is learning and developing.

There is much in your world that we would like to see altered and yet we know that in its way your Earth is achieving what it was intended to. It is a school in which the souls are being taught, are being moulded, are being guided. Remember you can awaken within someone else the longings for peace, for friendship, for love. These are the most important things both in your world and in ours.

Goodnight my friends and God bless you all..