Keep Working For Spirit

An Unknown Speaker

Recorded in the Circle

Try to judge your pathway. Try to see what stones there are that you must avoid or that you must climb over.

You have these quiet hours in which you can link up with Spirit; in which you can renew our strength. It is important for you to make the most of them, to realise that you are privileged to have links, to know that every kind thought you send, every healing prayer is being used by Spirit to help your world.

There is darkness on your earth plane, but it is not complete darkness, through it there are shafts of light. The power that we send can carve a way through when there are channels at the far end to receive our message. Take heart, you have courage, you have knowledge, you have wisdom, you know your links with Spirit, and as you continue you will find those links growing ever stronger.

You look at things from your Earth point of view and you see such a small area. We can see your world from the whole, and even though it is dark, yet the light is beginning to grow, and in many places on your earth plane the dark has changed to gray.

Do not think that any of your thoughts are wasted. We use them in order that we may send light into the dark places. Remember one candle is very small, but two candles give more than twice the light, and if you put a mirror behind those candles you will get even more light. So remember that you are like those candles, and if you reflect them from your mind, from your souls, then they will have more power.

Often you cannot see what good you are doing. You know not whether the thoughts you have sent out to anyone are making any difference. You can only judge by the body, you cannot judge the spirit, and how the spirit of the person for whom you are praying is responding to your thoughts. Keep on working, my friends, keep on praying; keep on sending out your love. Do not look for rewards or gratitude; remember always you are working for Spirit, working for God, and in that work you are not only helping those for whom you pray but you are helping others who may be in the line of your thoughts.

There is a lot to be done on Earth. We are doing our part and we will co-operate with you to make sure that you do yours. Always remain cheerful. Give a smile where you can; give a kindly thought to any who have fallen by the wayside; know that life is going on as it was intended and in the fullness of time all life will return to the Spirit who made it.

May you have light on your pathway. May you share that light with your fellow men and women. May the blessing of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, rest and abide with you this night and for always.