The Harvest Of The Soul

An Address from Brother Bernard

Given in the Summertown Church, Oxford, during 1987

Good evening friends.

It is indeed with joy that we come into your presence once again to leave with you one or two thoughts that might be of help to you during your lifetime upon Earth.

We do not come in order to tell you what you ought to do or ought not to do, Spirit does not dictate where you should go and how you should conduct yourselves, what you should or should not say. Our aim is to make you aware of the power that is within yourselves, to make you aware that within each one of you there is the soul, the spirit, a part of God, and that is the part of you which, when you have finished your journey upon Earth, will leave the physical body behind and come to our side of life.

Often, as you go through life, you come up against obstacles, you make plans and the plans go awry, you make decisions and then find that the circumstances alter and those decisions cannot be implemented. Again and again you discover, as you journey through life, that what you intended does not seem to happen and events take place that will alter completely the circumstances that surround you. It is only when you are through these obstacles, when you have passed the dark places that you can look back and see where your path has led.

Spirit will not tell you what to do but there will be opportunities for you to serve, opportunities for you to make decisions, opportunities for you to help, opportunities for you to develop spirituality, opportunities for you to be of service both to yourselves, to those around you and to the world of Spirit.

It is the time of year coming up to your harvest when you reap the products that you have worked for during the year. Sometimes the harvest is good and everything that you have turned your hand to produces good fruit or vegetables or corn; or whatever it is that you worked for. But sometimes it seems as though all nature conspires against you. You do not get the weather you want, you get rain at the wrong time, you get the sunshine when you do not want it and when you do need it there are only grey clouds in sight. It must seem to you at times that nature, which is God, is conspiring against you. We want you to remember that if the weather is bad for one crop it will suit another, that the conditions you experience in your little island may not suit everything you try to grow, but they will suit something. If you have a poor crop of one sort then you may have a better one of something else.

So it is with the circumstances of your lives. It may seem to you that everything is going wrong, it may seem that you can never achieve what you set out to do, that over and over again you are failing to do the things which you know to be best and sometimes it may lead you to despair, but remember your journey upon the earth plane is intended to make your spirit grow, to develop your understanding, to build your spirituality. Often it is necessary to have the dark times so that you may grow strong. Remember that you were spirit before you came to the Earth, even as you will be when you leave it.

The circumstances of your lives are such because you chose them, because you felt in dealing with those particular circumstances you could learn the lessons that were necessary.

Why do you come to the earth plane ? It is in order that you may gain experiences, in order that you may grow spiritually, in order that when you leave here you have a better opportunity of making progress in the Spirit World.

We were saying that it is coming up to the time of your harvest and perhaps one of the most important things that you have got to remember is that there would be no harvest if men did not work, your fruit would not produce in the orchards if you did not carry out the pruning, the spraying, the tilling and the manuring that is necessary. Your allotments would be barren indeed if you forgot to dig the land, hoe the weeds, rake the soil and sow your seeds.

You sing in your harvest hymns that God gives these gifts, but he only gives them if man does his share as well.

So it is with Spirit. We need your prayers as much as you need ours. We need your help as much as you need ours. There are many souls on our side of life who have left the Earth body and who do not realise where they are or what their condition is. They do not see any light. They wander in the darkness wondering why there is no response to their appeals. Often those souls are unable to see the Spirit light but they can see lights coming from Earth. Visualise your service in church, your Circle at home, the Churches up and down this country and throughout the world; the groups of people worshipping together, those who are praying on their own. Each time any person, any group of people, any Church sends out thoughts to God then a light is kindled in the Spirit World and often those souls who are in the darkness can see that light and in seeing it they can be led to see Spirit light.

Never think that your worship is doing no good, never think that even the failures in your lives are of no use whatsoever; it is through your failures, through your mistakes, through your wanderings that you will achieve what you came to do, that you will grow in spirit, that you will begin to understand. There is so much on the earth plane that is for you and remember the pathway you tread is the one that you chose before you came. True, man has free will.

When you stood in Spirit and looked at the circumstances of life, when you took into account the family into which you would come, when you realised the opportunities that you would have, when you knew the gifts, the talents that you would use while you are here, you saw there the opportunity for growth and it is how you tackle the things of your life that is the important part.

We often say to you people on Earth that your life here, while you are here, is the most important part of your existence; it is not the whole, but for now it is the most important, and the things of Earth have got to occupy you, not to the exclusion of Spirit, but for the major part of your endeavours. We ask you to take the circumstances of your lives, to deal with the obstacles as they come along, with the feeling that in coping with troubles and difficulties you are strengthening your soul for when you leave the Earth body and come to Spirit.

There is much that we could teach you, much that we could tell you, but we are not permitted to show you the way that you have to tread; it is only by your own endeavours that you will develop, that you will grow spiritually. What we do want is to urge you to keep some part of every day for Spirit in order to send out prayers for yourselves and for others.

Make the most of the opportunities life gives you remembering that every time you do a kind deed to someone else, every time you give a smile, every time you say a cheery word, every time you lend a listening ear to someone who is in distress then you are working for Spirit.

You do not know all the contacts you make upon the earth plane but when you come to our side of life and look back you will see the numerous times in which you have been of help to others; you will also see the times when you ignored that plea for help. Try to make it so that when you do come to Spirit there will be far more cases in which you have been of help, in which you have given love, in which you have given understanding, in which you have given sympathy, than there are times when you turned the other way and ignored that plea.

You go through life, life upon the earth plane, and it is difficult we know. We went that way ourselves once, but as you go forward looking for the light, trying to do just the little things that come to hand, not expecting to make a big splash in the world, just doing, what used to be termed, your duty remember to do your duty is to give love to everyone whom you meet. It need not be expressed, it can just be in a thought, but thoughts have power. Send your thoughts out far and wide in your world praying that all mankind will come to realise their immortality, that the knowledge that you have of Spirit, of Spirit return, will be the prerogative of every soul upon Earth.

Goodnight and God bless you all.