The Tapestry of Life

Recorded in the Circle during July, 1987

Good evening friends.

It is with love that we come into your Circle tonight, crossing the divide between your world and ours. Coming to give you encouragement, to give you hope, to give you upliftment, to give you the assurance that your pathway upon Earth, however rocky it may be, is not too difficult for you to manage. You know, as was said at the beginning of your Circle, that the pathway of life upon which you are treading is the one that you chose before you came to Earth because it would give you the opportunities that you needed in order to make progression. It is often said that if you knew what you had got to progress to then it would be an easy matter to do so, but that is not what is required by Spirit. You have got to face the difficulties of life with a smile, knowing that you will be guided in the direction that you should take, you will be given the words that you have got to speak, you will be shown the way that you have to go.

Your life upon Earth is not intended to be a bed of roses. There are the thorns that you have to tackle, there is the dead wood that you have got to prune, there are the weeds that you have got to dig out and there is the promise of the life that is to come when you will see the fruition of what you have toiled for upon Earth.

Each one of you is treading a pathway different from anyone else's, a pathway that will lead you into the correct way in order to build your character, in order to develop your soul, we don't mind how you put it into words. Each step that you take upon the earth plane is a step towards Spirit, each time you send out a loving thought, each time you send a prayer for healing, each time you think of someone else as well as yourself then you are progressing along the way. You do not realise the effect that the little deeds of kindness, the little thoughts that you send out, the love that you pass on to the people, some of whom you have never met and are never likely to meet upon Earth, you do not realise what effect these have. Quite often you do some little deed, give some word of encouragement, give a thought of hope to someone and you have no idea how it is received, whether it does any good. When you come to the Spirit side of life, when you begin to look back, as you will, and see the whole of your Earth life unfolding before you, then you will realise the good that you have done. You will also see the times when you have missed on opportunities, when you, perhaps, have had a kindly thought and not put it into deeds, when you have stopped from saying the word that would have encouraged someone. They are a part of your life as much as the good things you do. It is only when you come to Spirit that you will see the whole.

If you imagine that life is a picture, perhaps a work of tapestry, needlework or embroidery in which you weave colours, you have to have the dark as well as the light. If you examine any great work of painting you will see that there is variation in the shades that are applied. Even if the picture seems very dark to you, if you stand back and let the sunlight shine upon it you can see the colours appearing. So it is with your tapestry of life. You are weaving a pattern, a pattern of light and shade, a pattern of brilliant colours and of quite soft hues, but all of them going to make up a scene, the scene which is your life.

As well as your individual tapestry that you are weaving, there is a tapestry being woven for your world, a tapestry that has its periods when there is sunshine, when the colours are bright and cheerful, and there are times when the world is dark, when there is much black and brown, dark green and mud coloured, but they are all woven together in the pattern of your world.

It is impossible for you to understand time that has no beginning and no end. It is difficult for you to understand the concept that there is no time in Spirit, the nearest that you can approach to it is in your dream state. You get spirits coming back to Earth telling you of their life on the earth plane, which may be fifty, a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand years ago. Time as you know it does not exist and that is one of the hardest lessons that man has to learn. Clocks and watches are needed upon Earth because your lives are regulated by the clock, by Earth time, but Spirit time is completely different. That is why sometimes, when you are given messages from Spirit, that the time factor cannot be estimated. We do our best to put it into your Earth years, but we are the first to admit that quite often it is impossible to say exactly how long.

There is so much in the Spirit World that you cannot understand while you are in the Earth body but it is probably very good for you not to know all the joys that will be yours when you leave the Earth behind because you have got to find your joy upon Earth. You have got to find the purpose of your life in the circumstances that surround you in the present as you know it. Spirit will help you but it will not lead your life for you. Spirit will give you council when you are completely at a loss but it will not dot the I's and cross the T's for you. You have got to make the decisions, you have got to deal with the circumstances of life as they arise, you have got to live your life to the full which means taking the rough with the smooth, taking the dark with the light, making the most of the joys that come your way, making as light as you can of the dark patches.

Each one of you comes to the Circle here seeking to open your souls to Spirit, seeking to shed a light into the dark places of the other world. Always remember you can show your light in the dark places of Earth, there are always souls who are groping, souls who are in despair, souls who seem to have come to the end of their tether upon Earth. Those are the dark places that you can illumine with the light from Spirit.

We give you a blessing, we pray that you will go forward in Spirit helping where you can, giving love to all whom you meet knowing that someday you will stand on the other side of life and see exactly how you have managed your life upon Earth.

Goodnight and God bless you all.