Peace Upon This House

Recorded in the Circle during August 1987

Peace be unto you. Peace be unto this house and on those who are within it. Those who come within its walls; those who spend part of their lives here and on those who merely pass through; because it is the peace that we want to give to you.

It is so difficult for us, and I use the word "us" because there is quite a group, as you know, of us on the other side who link with your Circle. We use the thoughts that you send out, the prayers that you send up and the love which you give. You may not realize all the good that you have done by your Circle but meeting together week by week you are forging links with each other and with the Spirit World. We come in order that we can give you a blessing and in order that we may use you to help us. You may find it difficult to think of your being able to help Spirit because your religion teaches that Spirit is there to help you, but it is a two way effort. We help you when we can, you help us by your very lives, by your thoughts, by your attitudes, by the love which you send out. Never think because you are sitting in Circle and do not receive messages or make contact with spirits that you are not doing a good work because each one of you has a part to play in the Circle as a whole.

We want you from time to time to bring into your Circle people from outside, whether they are believers or not. If you will do this it will make links which will be important to your world and important to ours.

When you think of the many people on your earth plane who do not believe in Spirit, who do not have any faith, they come over to our side of life and do not realize their condition and it is in linking with groups like yourselves that they begin to understand. There are several who are close to your Circle who would like their loved ones to be in your group and by being in your group they will begin to believe. So do not be afraid to bring in outsiders from time to time; it will help them and it will help some of us on the other side of life.

You give love, that is the most important thing of all, love that will understand, love that will not alter whatever sacrifices are made, whatever disappointments there are in store. Whatever people do, we want you still to love. You cannot accept the deeds which are committed in your world but you can love those who commit them and by your love you can bring a realization into those peoples lives of what they have done and of what they are missing. You link with Spirit and Spirit links with you; it is a two way effect. Your old book says "be not weary in doing good". Do not let disappointments stop you, do not let suspicion of your fellow men and women spoil your lives, look for the good that there is, that is a simple truth that has been given to you over and over again. In your world you have a part to play and that part is the one in which you are the only individual who can do it.

Always remember that Spirit is God and that God is Spirit. Whether it be the spirit that is in a human being or a spirit that is in a speck of protoplasm, it is God, it is power, it is Spirit, it is Love.

When we come to your world we try to put into your language our thoughts; we do not always succeed, we are not perfect, we are just a stage ahead of you and we are linking with those who have progressed further than we have done. They in turn link with those further on than them and so the thoughts come down, translated by minds not just once or twice but sometimes five, ten, twenty different times. Is it any wonder that sometimes the messages that come are not always clear?

You on the earth plane are learning; you will learn more when you come to Spirit and as you progress so you will learn more and more and you must put that learning into practice.

I leave you just with this thought that one day you will know God, you will know Spirit, you will know truth. In the meantime you use a body of Earth, a body that is almost blind to Spirit. You see a small portion, a little part of the truth but you must pass that which you see on to those who have no faith, no belief.

Goodnight and God bless you.