You Still Miss The Physical

A Circle Member is very ill

God bless you my children and God bless your Circle and those who are linking with you in thought even if they are not with you in the body.

You have been sending out many thoughts; we know. You have been concentrating on your friend who is on the borders between life and, we shall not say death, we shall say life on the earth plane and life in Spirit. We know that your thoughts are helping; helping to ease the pain; helping to give her the strength to go through and we want to say thank you for that. It is difficult for you we know. [ Mary was very ill in hospital.]

On the earth plane as you travel along you make contacts. You meet people with whom you become friends and even though you know that the spirit still lingers on; even though you know that their life is carrying on in another phase of existence yet you still miss the physical when it is passed. Life on the earth plane may seem a long time to you but in Spirit it is a very short period.

We have tried to tell you that time is different on our side of life to what it is on yours but it is impossible for you to grasp. That is one of the things which you have to accept; that there are limitations upon your understanding while you are in a body of Earth. Your mind is material. Your mind has the experiences that you have of Earth; and the experiences which you have had in Spirit; in previous incarnations; or we should say in between previous incarnations; is tucked away so far that you can never recall it; or very, very seldom; just occasionally you get a glimpse from the past. But for the majority of the time you are limited by what you have experienced in this particular phase of your existence; in this lifetime.

When you come to Spirit you will not see everything immediately. It will be a gradual process as you develop; as you go on in Spirit so you will understand more and more. We cannot provide everything for you the immediate moment that you step into the Spirit World. You have got to grow; you have got to learn; you have got to develop in the same way that you developed in your body while you were on the earth plane.

We know it is difficult for you to have half-truths which is what you are receiving at the moment but it is because you are not ready to have the whole truth. It is only when you have acquired a spirit body; when you have left behind your physical body; when you have cast on one side the experiences of Earth that you will learn again the experiences of Spirit that you once had that are buried in the depths of your subconscious. That will come to the fore gradually as you progress in the Spirit World.

Progression is really a matter of reviving what you have already known; what you have experienced before. Progression means a development of your soul. And you have got a personality, part of which functions in your material body now, but a lot of which is still on the Spirit side of life and it is not until you leave this body behind that you step into the whole of your personality and you become another person. Not immediately, no, it takes time; time as you understand it. But it will be there for you; waiting for you to step into as you progress in the next stage of your existence.

We come back from time to time in order to give you one or two ideas that may fall upon a piece of ground in your mind that is prepared for it. We give you ideas. We do not expect you to accept them lock stock and barrel. You have got to digest; you have got to think and consider; you have got to apply the resources of your Earth mind. If some of the things which we pass on to you come to fruition in your material lives; if you are able to use the information which we give you in order to progress in the material world then we shall rejoice but we do not expect it; and you must not expect it. Remember that while you are in the body of Earth it is the things of Earth that are important to you because it is through the experiences of Earth that you will learn the lessons that you came to the Earth world to do.

We come and we give you our love because it is love that is the basis of all life; of all progress; of all Spirit. God is love; Spirit is love and love is the most important thing in your world and in ours. If there were more love in your world then a lot of the troubles of the Earth would disappear. It is because men think of themselves; it is because they do not have love in their hearts; because they will not apply the simple rule to love each other that they find themselves in the difficulties that they are in today.

We will leave you with our blessing. A blessing that comes to you from a group on the other side of life. I am just their spokesman. They want to make you think and it is the making of the thoughts that are important. Go your way; send out love; show love in your lives; give the best that you can to your world and try to leave it a little better than when you came into it.

Goodnight and God bless you all.