Thank You For Your Circle

Share Out The Message

Recorded in the Circle. October 1987

Good evening my sisters and brothers.

I am glad to have this opportunity to share with you the message that I bring. I want to say thank you for the help that you have been giving. Some of it you recognise but a lot of it just passes you by. Yet if you send out your thoughts, as you have been doing, you are helping those on the other side of life who are wandering in the darkness. Those who cannot see our light but they can see yours.

We want to thank you for your Circle. For coming along week by week and making this contact with Spirit. You will, I know, be ready to share the message that we give you with those who are seeking on your side of life; and you will be sending out love to those in the darkness on our side.

Goodnight and God bless you all..

This short communication from Sister of Mercy was given after another communicator had finished speaking. The previous speaker was not known to us but we all recognised the quite voice of Lucy's Guide, Sister of Mercy. She had been one of the helpers who first linked with Lucy when she began her work for Spirit forty odd years ago. We knew that the light from the Circle attracted those on the other side who did not know or understand where they were or what had happened to them. Many will not accept that they have "died" as they find themselves still "alive". This is a not an unusual problem and the realisation that they are "dead" is usually enough to liberate them from their bonds of Earth.

Many souls refuse to accept the change and ignore those who are trying to help them; they refuse to accept what has happened to them. These souls often have a great attachment to the material aspects of Earth and they are reluctant to let go of them. If you understand this and appreciate how short your Earth life really is then you will cease to worry about building a vast fortune, which you will most likely leave for someone else to squander, or building up a vast empire of power, seeking to gain control over thousands of people. Instead you will take to heart the words of the Master Jesus when he said "do not build where moth and rust corrupt but rather build for your future home in heaven (Spirit) by doing the work of your Father God here on Earth. Let your light so shine before men that they will see your good works and Glorify your Father who is in Heaven."

If you look at the work that Jesus did during His time on Earth you will see that the established church of his day had no time for him as he was upsetting their power over the people and changing their (man made) rules. Remember how He threw the money changers out of the Temple? He had great courage and conviction and was not afraid to confront the religious leaders. The priests finally persuaded the Roman authorities to put Him to death, only they could do that, but the impression that he made has lasted through the ages. The words that the Guides and Helpers, as we call them, bring to us is the same message that Jesus of Nazareth was giving all that time ago. The guides often speak of the "light" that is sent out by the Circle into the darkness on their side and they speak about coming down into the dark conditions of the earth plane. But they also talk about the lights there are, some brighter than others perhaps, emitted by individuals and groups who send out thoughts of love and kindness.

Kindness to animals is also important as they are our lesser brethren and deserve our protection. We are often reminded that all life is part of God even down to the simple consciousness of atoms and molecules. You may say that atoms do not have "life". But then what is Life? (Read "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts.) Life is consciousness; awareness. "To think is to be." God is an indescribable Power say the Guides, totally beyond comprehension, yet the ultimate destiny of all life is finally to blend in with, return to, that Infinite Power. J.H.H.