Love Is Power

Turning Thoughts into Light

Recorded in the Circle

We want to tell you how much we appreciate your coming here week by week. You do much work that you know nothing of. You have a vague idea that you are sending out a light into the Spirit World and we want to assure you that no thoughts of yours are wasted. As you join together in your Circle and send thoughts of love to those on the other side who are in the darkness so we can use those thoughts; we turn them into light, and that light reaches out into the other world; reaching to the far corners, even to those who have no knowledge of where they are or what they are doing.

It is important that your Circles continue on the earth plane, it is important that you continue to send out your thoughts of love. It is important that, wherever men gather, they appreciate the fact that they are not just bodies but that they are spirits; spirits who are working through a uniform, the uniform of Earth, and in that working they are achieving something that they will take with them when they leave behind the earth plane with all its problems.

Yes, your world is a dark place at times but there are lights, and those light join together to make a big light. So think of yourselves as being part of something that is much greater, think of the light streaming down and streaming up from Earth. When those two lights meet and mingle then the beam shines out into the dark places; the dark places not only of your Earth world but of our world as well.

You have been shaken by the events that have been taking place over the last few days and you wonder whether it is the beginning of the end. Man is not destined to finish up as a cinder, your earth plane will not become a waste at the present, that lies far ahead in the future, as you term it.

There are problems on the earth plane but those problems will be overcome, you have got to have a return to discipline, a return to some of the ideals which man has when he comes to the earth plane which he brings with him from the other side of life. Sometimes he keeps them throughout his earthly days but often he discards them along the way. You Earth people place so much emphasis upon the material that is difficult for man to hold onto the Spiritual. That is why we rejoice when we see a Circle like yours, when we can make contact with it, when we can look into your hearts and see that you are sending out thoughts of love.

Yes, that is the most overworked word in your language and yet it means so much, does it not? We come to you with love, we give you our love, and together those two loves mingle and make a spiritual love that has power, a power that can work, a power that can relieve your darkness a little, a power that you can use and we can use. Think of it as being a union between Spirit and Earth.

Go along your daily pathway looking upon the people you meet as souls, giving them your love, sending out just a thought of help, a thought of healing, a thought of comfort. You will have no idea what effect that will have.

It is because of man's selfishness and man's greed that you seem to be in such a state upon the earth plane today and yet we say to you, in all sincerity, that the time will come when Man and Spirit will be closer linked, when man will realise the spirit that is within him and within all living objects.

Go forward, giving love, giving a helping hand where it is needed, giving a prayer where you cannot help in a physical sense, giving a smile, not worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow, not worrying too much about your work, or your clothes, or your habitation.

Remember every man, woman and child is on the same pathway, a pathway that will lead to an afterlife and that, at some stage, will eventually lead to God.

May we say that we give you our blessing and our love.

Lucy had no idea who the speaker was.