I Have Kept My Promise

Joey Grimaldi speaks through Lucy

It's a long time since I was in the Spirit World. I promised I would come to you and I have kept my promise. You have gone far, my child, do not have any regrets, your life was meant to be restricted in so many ways.

I speak now to all the Circle praying that you will find your pathways clearly before you. Do not let yourself get tired of the links with spirit because each one of you can achieve something worthwhile in your pathway through life.

I give you my blessing and there is a band with me who join in that, you will achieve good things in your Circle, don't have any doubts about that. I promised this instrument that I would speak so I have kept my word although it is many years of your earth time since I first saw her.

Now I say to you all keep a good heart, life may be difficult, other people may be hard to get on with but remember that you have got the infinite privilege of linking with Spirit.

Goodnight and God bless each one of you.

We asked Lucy who that was. She said that it was Joey Grimaldi, who had been a comedian, and that he was the guide of George Daisley with whom she had trained to be a medium. Joey had said that one day he would speak through her and this was the first time that he had done so. She was aware that it was him but did not know what he had said. The first words spoken by Joey were for Lucy herself.

Lucy listened to the recording later on.

Perhaps I should explain that Lucy is not in a 'trance' (there is a lot of contoversy over what trance is) but is 'controlled' or 'overshadowed'. This means she is aware that she is speaking and what is being said but, as she said, "it all seems a jumble at the time".