A Prayer for a Circle

One of Lucy's prayers at the opening of a Circle Meeting

Loving Heavenly Father.

As we join together once more in our circle so we send out our thoughts to those who are sick at this time, we pray that healing will be given to them according to their needs. We think especially of those in the Third World, so many of them are suffering, some as the result of wars and strife, some as a result of the terrorist attacks and others as a result of malnutrition and the devastations of nature. We pray for all of them that they may receive the healing that they need and, if it be Thy will, that they be restored to health and strength again.

We send out our thoughts to those who are coming towards the finish of their life on Earth praying that they may have the knowledge that death is not the end but just another stage in their existence. We send a special prayer that our friend (name given) who is dying will be welcomed by her loved ones. That she may know where she is and that she may go on in her new life. We also send a thought to those who are left behind that they may be comforted and that they may have the assurance that we have about the continuety of life. We send a special thought to her friend that she may be able to cope at this time.

We know, Father, that in our world there will always be troubles of one sort or another but life on the earth plane was not intended to be easy but it is intended to teach us something which will be of help to our progress and so we pray, not that we will be spared the difficulties of life, but that we may be given the strength and the wisdom to overcome them.

We are very mindful of our blessings, Father; for the freedom that we have to worship in the way we want, for the knowledge that we have got about Spirit and for the help that we receive from Spirit. We thank You for the everyday things of life that we so often take for granted yet are denied to so many of our fellow men and women.

We send our thoughts out far and wide into our world, praying for the underdeveloped nations that they may come to a realisation of their responsibilities to the Earth and that the devastations of the forests that are taking place will cease and that men will learn to work with nature in order to bring about a better state of affairs.

We pray for the animal kingdom, Father, our lesser brethren; for our pets, the domestic animals and those in the wild; there seems to be no end to the greed that makes men kill so many of the wild animals. For the destruction of the forests, for the over cropping, the over population of our world; so many of the things that we see but seem to be helpless to do anything about. All we can do is to ask that Spirit will contact the people who are responsible for the man made devastations on our Earth and that there will come a time when everybody will work for the conservation instead of the destruction of our world.

We pray for the leaders of the nations, Father, that they may have the wisdom to deal aright with their people. We pray for all those who are in authority that they too may cope with the situations that arise from day to day in a calm, generous manner.

Finally, Father, we ask for a blessing on our circle and we pray that everything that is given out here will be in truth and in love.

We ask these things in the name of Him whom we try to follow and serve; Jesus the Master Christ.


I had asked Lucy to write out a prayer that would be typical of the prayers that she said at the start of an evening's circle meeting. She said that she had tried but could not find any words to write down saying that she felt the words of the prayers were given to her at the time and could not be "made up".

These words were recorded at the start of a Circle meeting; only a name has been left out. J.H.H.