As We Have Said Before

A few words from Sister of Mercy, October 1990

It is a joy to come into your Circle once again and we know that each one of you has been through the Valley of the Shadow of Death (all of the ladies present, including Lucy, had recently been very ill) but you have come out the other side because you have still got work to do on the earth plane.

You know, because we have told you many times, that your purpose upon Earth is to learn, to develop, to build your characters, to develop your souls, to lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, to build the kind of place that you want to live in when you leave the earth plane.

But while you are on the Earth you have got to submit to the things of Earth. We know that there is pain and discomfort. We know that at the present time your world is going through a very dark period, and yet we tell you, as we have said so many times before, that you are moving; moving into a world of light, a world where there will be free communication between us and you.

There is an awakening. Sometimes you can see glimpses of it, at other times it looks as though everything is dark; but we can see the streaks of light, we can see the thoughts of the younger generation that are looking for something behind the everyday things of life; looking for a purpose, looking for something that will make sense to the world. That is where you have got a part to play. Because of your faith, because of your belief in Spirit, because of your knowledge of the Spirit World and the continuety of life you have the opportunity to pass on to others the belief that this life, the life on the earth plane, is just one stage of existence.

When you come to the end of your time on Earth, whether it be sooner or later then you will take with you into the next world the lessons that you have learned here.

We have often said that the simple things in life are the most important, the small things, the little deeds that you do almost without thinking to help and encourage others: the smiles which you give, the laughter, the enjoyment, the music, everything that is around you that has come from Spirit that you have taken into yourselves and developed. All that you can pass on to those who are still gropping in the darkness, especially to those who are depressed, to those who mourn, to those who are sick, to those who are suffering.

As we have said before life on the earth plane is never easy, there would be no point in your coming into it if it were. The lessons that you have got to learn are lessons that will stretch you to the limit, lessons that will help you become stronger in spirit, even if the physical is often weak.

You cannot live to yourselves alone; you cannot shut yourself up in an ivory castle and ignore what is going on in your world. You have got to play your part in trying to develop the seeking that there is within the souls of the youngsters, trying to show them by the way that you live, by your example that there is more to life than the things of the material.

Of course they are necessary while you are in an earth body, we know, but the things of the Spirit are far more important in the long run because the material can fade away, can disappear, but the things of the soul are eternal.

They are what you will take with you when you pass on into the next stage of life.

So we come back to the thing that we have said right from the beginning: if you have a hard row to hoe, if you have a more difficult job on Earth than some other people then rejoice because it means that you are strong enough, that you are developed enough, that you are sufficiently advanced to benefit from it.

Let the circumstances of your lives be the tools that you use in order to build your souls, in order to develop your characters, to lead you to union with Spirit.

So we leave these few words with you, giving you our blessing; and it comes, not from just this voice, but from those on the other side who have gathered here to join with you in your Circle.

God bless each one of you.